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'Mr Assange's Defence'

From Expressen February 2011.

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There's a lot of talk about whether Julian Assange can get a fair trial in Sweden. About whether the media are out to get him. About whether the police, the prosecutors, the cabinet - almost everyone - are corrupt up to their eyeballs. For it certainly seems so.

But what outsiders don't see - what few outside that duckpond are privy to - is just how much rabid feverish hatred is being whipped up by the media.

This did not in any way start with the legal case - no, this was way before. Veteran news anchor Olle Andersson pointed it out already two days before there were any allegations: the Swedish media, to a one, were not interested in reporting on Collateral Murder or the Afghan War Diaries, not interested in commenting on the new wave of transparency in the world. Britney's and Kim's new upskirts sell better!

'Lapdogs are the worst thing my Rottweiler knows', wrote Olle Andersson on 18 August 2010, referring to his cowardly colleagues in the media.

'The Afghan War Diaries were the scoop of the century. All of this was served on a silver platter, free and postage paid, to every news desk in Sweden. Then came the silence and the embarrassing scraping sound of chairs as an entire career group excused themselves and went to the bathroom.'

And yet two days later they were at it like scavengers because now they had a real story! Assange had raped two women in Stockholm and he was being hunted on the streets of the city, a wild criminal on the loose! And they fought tooth and claw to get editorial credits and they drooled at the bit at the prospect of being on hand with their photographers when Stockholm's finest took him away in handcuffs!

That's journalism!

But things didn't quite turn out that way. The Swedes continued to behave like Swedes and the world around got a very good glimpse of what the people there are really like. Concerned residents seriously fear their reputation - and even their economy - might never recover again. Even Dilbert's creator despises them.

And when the details of the charges were read out in Westminster, the people laughed.

The fun never stops. And still with no interest in pursuing real issues - a prominent party leadership candidate could only tweet about cooking dinner through the Egyptian uprising - they set out to create a rabid hate campaign for the holiday season.

The Swedes have official police investigators who spout bile online. They've got it all. Never before has a country, a culture, and a people been made to look so bad - and through their own devices as well. Nobody helped them get so low.

But there's even more. Mirroring the nonsense that emanated from them the other week when author Pär Ström released his new book which scientifically disintegrated their political myths, they've actually been carrying on for some time - except not everyone noticed. They've been writing and publishing pure nonsense all along.

Ladies and gentlemen: if you can make any sense out of this gem, then please do congratulate yourselves. For it's one of the dizziest - and simultaneously most hate-filled - op-eds ever written for a major news organisation ever. And the author won't own up - she was probably drunk as a skunk when she turned it in, meaning she made even less sense than she usually does.

OK. Time to get to it.

Mr Assange's Defence

Published February 2011 in Expressen.

The important thing for Mr Assange isn't what one leaks but that one leaks. Sperm carries just as much unknown information - DNA, chromosome type - as diplomat reports and secret bank accounts.

Mr Assange has dedicated his life to leaks. The suspicion is he rips condoms and lets millions of documents without cell sorting leak out into the channels he has within intimate reach. The redaction - or rather the direction - of the cell material he leaves to other forces. Sometimes they result in life, sometimes not. There's a randomness to leaking, there's a neutrality in its effects.

The Swedish justice system seems to think Mr Assange is guilty of sexual assault. The prosecutor doesn't understand what it's all about. Mr Assange isn't after sexual pleasure - just an integral part of satisfying his need - to leak without restriction.

It's not about eating sweets with or without a wrapper. Mr Assange does both - he eats the sweet in a ripped wrapper. You can call it half prophylactic, an affirmation of the leakage from the protective wrapper. His behaviour in bed is the same as at the keyboard, it's just different active body parts being used is all.

The important thing for Mr Assange isn't what one leaks but that one leaks. Sperm carries just as much unknown information - DNA, chromosome type - as diplomat reports and secret bank accounts.

The world, and especially the hostess, have the right to be privy to the personal deliberations taking place behind closed doors, whether it's the White House or a flat in Stockholm. Mr Assange wants to use his leaks to catch the powers that be with their knickers down, and he doesn't exclude himself in any way.

How the Swedish prosecutor can see something criminal in this is beyond the grasp of any civilised society. Sweden is a primitive banana republic totally in the power of feminists who eat their bananas without bothering to peel them.

The Swedish media try to depict Mr Assange as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in the same person. These incompetent journalists are incapable of seeing the consequence in his actions - if you leak from the one end, you have a duty to leak from the other.

Mr Assange could have chosen to leak other body fluids during his time in Stockholm other than the pure and scent-free secretion he bequeathed a pair of chosen representatives for what he thought was a democracy. Considering the 'thank you' he got, one can only deplore his deference.

Expressen boss Thomas 'Humpty Dumpty' Mattsson might always pull the article - articles in the Swedish media (especially the ones about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange) have had a remarkable propensity of late for disappearing - so here's a screen cap as proof. Who are these despicable people?

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