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Madman Joe Lieberman

At least he's not running for reelection. Or president.

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Joseph Isadore Lieberman was born in 1942. He's 70 years old and chairs the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security. He's the one told everybody to watch out for 'homegrown terrorists', wanted Google to change policy to flag terrorist links in their searches, harassed Amazon to stop hosting WikiLeaks data on their servers, and got Visa and MasterCard to illegally stop financial transactions to WikiLeaks. He's a good old boy.

Madman Joe Lieberman started his mad life as a Democrat, was Gore's running mate in 2000, then moved into 'neutral' waters with the nomination of his good buddy John 'Bomb Iran' McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008. He supported the invasion of Iraq and has campaigned for the invasion of Iran. He's mad.

The good news is he's announced he won't seek reelection in 2012.

Some of the milestones of Madman Joe Lieberman's illustrious career:

  • The 'Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010'. Madman Joe was coauthor. The bill would have facilitated the 'kill switch' for the US president to shut down the Internet.

  • Opposition to WikiLeaks which Glenn Greenwald called 'one of the most pernicious acts by a US senator in quite some time'. Greenwald compared Lieberman to 'Chinese dictators' and accused him of having abused his position as chair of homeland security 'to thuggishly dictate to private companies which websites they should and should not host - and more importantly what you can and cannot read on the Internet'.

  • A suggestion that 'the New York Times and other news organisations publishing the US embassy cables being released by WikiLeaks could be investigated for breaking US espionage laws'.

  • A 'bill to amend the Espionage Act in order to facilitate the prosecution of folks like Wikileaks'. Some things aren't legal. But that's OK - you pass a new law to make them legal. No worries, dictator dude.

  • The Enemy Expatriation Act which would allow the US government to strip US citizenship without requiring a criminal conviction.

In a word: Madman Joe is mad. But what's even worse is he chairs homeland security, blows propaganda at the media and the unwitting plebes, and has no compunctions about the odd extralegal trick.

Still not convinced? Watch this.

Watch Alyona chew him up and spit him out. This from 29 November last year.

Get to work, Joe. Clean the kitchen. Then take care of what the cat brought in.

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