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CANBERRA (Rixstep) — It's all for show really. No one in the room save for Scott Ludlam gives a hoot about the truth or about justice. Hall of Monkeys? Please welcome a hall of pigs.

There are any number of gems in this short clip. You'll love how the fat cats in the back keep belching and burping as Scott attempts to talk. You'll get the picture of what they are and who they represent rather swiftly.

Above all you'll learn how the representative of Julia Gillard can use the time constraint on responses to completely dodge the question - and instead talk condescendingly about Twitter, how it's difficult to master, how no one over twenty should be using Twitter, and so forth and so on ad nauseam, revealing quite a lot about Australian fat cat culture.

Fat cats? Pigs? One thing is certain: take Scott Ludlam (and possibly the speaker) out of the room and ship the rest of them to the Hall of Monkeys. They're a disgrace to the idea of democracy.

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