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Assange and the Wolves

Fair trial?

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — Never mind that Julian Assange's real concern is extradition to the US. The Swedish state feminists still want all the attention.

The Duckpond was shaken recently by a fatality in one of the nation's zoos. A woman was mauled by wolves and passed away from her injuries.

So now there's a new message from the dystopian Scandinavian country to Julian Assange.

The personal greeting reads as follows.

#Assange thinks he can set conditions for his extradition? What a pity we can't use the wolves at #Kolmården to welcome you.

This hospitable message was sent from one 'hampus hedelius' (hopefully not his real name) in Västerås, a 'city' with a population of 110,877 state feminist wolves in the year 2010. The attitude is unfortunately typical.

It might be nice to get a 'ball park' estimate on what the 'eminent' politician lawyer Claes Borgström's picked up in these past two years whilst stirring the pot against Assange and little else. For Borgström's done more in any single day since 22 August 2010 than he did in 7-8 years for his abandoned client Thomas Quick. And yet in the Quick case Borgström picked up a cool 500,000 (in USD).

Borgström's actually done nothing for the legal process in his latest case - all he's done is 'show trial' tactics, something that would have landed him in jail a long time ago in any civilised country for 'contempt of court'.

Borgström's never been confident of his invoicing for the Quick case: right before he was to be interviewed by Hannes Råstam for a book scheduled to be released this summer, Borgström went over his bookkeeping and ascertained he'd debited Swedish taxpayers a tidy 1,000 hours per invoice period. Totally believable.

But Borgström's been on the Assange case for two years or 1/4 of the time he did nothing for Quick. 25% of 500,000 USD is 125,000 USD - a princely sum of money in Sweden, particularly when the legal process never got out of the starting blocks and all you have to do is smear your 'opponent' in the media. To the extent charges have now been filed against Borgström by the Swedish counterpart to the ACLU.

It's a good year for Swedish state feminism. They've had mostly good weather for their midsummer activities and their wolves in the Kolmården zoo are ready to maul again.

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