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SOS Sweden

Politically correct is never correct. Paradise lost.

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DUCKBURG (Rixstep) — Scandinavia used to be a beacon of enlightenment. A haven for freedom of speech, societies built on firm principles of social justice - no poverty, no homelessness, no violence. Theirs was cradle to grave security. Theirs was a paradise.

Times have changed. Right-wingers want the country aligned with a gormandising NATO, and left-wingers keep playing their 'PC' game. Neutrality's threatened. There's no freedom of speech.

But worst of all: there's poverty, and there is violence. There's more and more violence.

Paradise lost.

Alexandra Mezher

Alexandra Mezher is from Lebanon. She recently completed her baccalaureate studies and typically got a job as a night shift cleaner at a home for 'unaccompanied child refugees' some 60 kilometres from home - a rough commute to say the least.

She was just finishing her shift at close to 8:00 AM when an altercation broke out and a 15yo migrant attacked her, stabbing her to death. Some of the other 'children' came to her aid, but they were too late. Alexandra died in hospital.

Prime minister Stefan Löfven visited the home yesterday. As if a visit would bring Alexandra back to life.

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