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Ben Nimmo

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LONDON (Rixstep) — How to describe him? Think of the NATO military equivalent of infamous Gothenburg prosecutor Marianne Ny. That's him. Someone who needs to get out more, get a bit of fresh air now and then.

Poor Ben Nimmo - locked away with his conspiracy theories and wreaking havoc on the world as we know it.

Although it's not yet been confirmed, it's 'highly likely' 'overwhelmingly likely' Ben was behind the simultaneous suspension of three (3) Rixstep Twitter accounts, two of which are essentially dormant.

Talk about seeking Putin under your bed...

Ben posted a piece at Medium which was picked up by his brother in arms 'Stop Fake' without a murmur. The piece has been the target of considerable derision, and not without justification.

The above graphic, grabbed from 'Stop Fake' who, unlike everyone else in this paranoid scenario, evidently uses Twitter in the Russian language, is of a poll that appeared online in the wake of, foremost, the articulate scepticism of Craig Murray, former ambassador for the United Kingdom. No one needs to know who Rachael Swindon is, and most probably won't know either, but this tweet drives Ben Nimmo mad. And he takes out his high-power web tools and starts digging back years and years to find a conspiracy.

There's a lot of names in there, only one of which anyone here is familiar with, and the person whose tweet popped up on most feeds isn't even listed. So much for Ben's high-power web tools.

But it gets worse.

Here's Malinka, who everybody knows now, but who up to now was just another face in the crowd.

To everybody but Ben that is, who dug years and years back in time to try to find a connection.

How many people does a Twitter user interact with on a single day? Not to mention in 3 or 4 years? But to Crazy Ben, we're all good friends and part of the Intergalactic Putin Conspiracy™.

But enough already. Captain Nimmo and his friends aren't worth it. What's really a shame is that it's Looney Tunes like him who are shaping foreign policy and bringing this beleaguered planet closer to the brink of war.

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