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Giving something of oneself, and having something to give.

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What a hot day. What a hot week. Covid is raging. It took six thousand lives in little Sweden, more damage by several orders of magnitude than all the rest of Scandinavia, with 170% the Swedish population.

It's all coming out now. Someone had the perspicacity to cite the Freedom of Information Act and ask for all the correspondence. What an ugly sight. Three maniacs banding together against the world, actually writing to foreign dignitaries and telling them point-blank 'you are wrong, we are right', after a glass or two of the good old vino. Even as thousands die. Amazing.

The leaders of those other countries they attack in their stupor are actually present to lead their countries, their peoples. They're all women without being feminists, they are especially not Swedish feminists, perish the thought, and they simply follow concepts of good common sense as everyone outside Sweden, and without, as in Sweden, letting pigheaded stubbornness, prestige, greed - and of course wine - get in their way.

People everywhere have been crushed by COVID. People have basically had two reactions. Some have understood the gravity of the situation, hunkered down, then suffered the long-term effects as predicted.

The others were mindless. The others who defied warnings and went to the Florida beaches, twenty years of age at best, drunk out of their skulls, shouting into cameras 'Corona? Corona? I'm here to party!'

Footage of the oceanfront in Santa Monica. In New Orleans where a cowardly mayor refused to shut down the Mardi Gras. And so forth.

Some people got it. They stayed home, isolated, got masks. Entire countries like the Czech Republic made millions of their own masks and, for all practical purposes, eradicated the contagion. Jacinda's New Zealand, one of the least corrupt countries on the planet, got things under control early on.

Jacinda gave podcasts from home. She went on record to say she would never ever risk the life of a New Zealander, perish the thought.

And that made the pigs in Sweden's 'world's first feminist government', the only Nordic country to never have a female prime minister, their latest candidate turning out to be a petty repeat-offender crook like all the rest of them - look very corrupt indeed.

Artists in Hollywood... Or elsewhere too, like in Nashville, or the Ozarks...

Sheryl Crow came out with an amazing set of 'Quarantine' clips which really energised people. They're all on YouTube. They're all free.

The amazing Petersens. With phenomenon Emmett Franz on dobro. Picking the most idyllic sites for their open air clips. Several of their shows live from the home of one of the Righteous Brothers. Filmed as always by their friend Aaron Clark.

Amazing energy. Giving to the people.

Yet the one band that preceded it all... Already spread about the country. And with so many unreleased tracks in the cans, recorded last autumn. Hurting for cash they're not. One can retire comfortably on the pension of an Atlanta corporate lawyer.

Brian Wilson says he was floored by the Wrecking Crew (and yes he used them extensively later on). Brian says he had to pull his car over to the side of the road when Spector's Be My Baby first came on the radio. Hal Blaine's opening salvo. Brian knew he wanted to write a song like that, a song that good. He came up with Don't Worry Baby.

Lorrie Morgan's version is best. It's a really dumb story actually, but it still is a story, and Lorrie's plaintive vocal brings that story home. Music is ultimately all about giving something of oneself.

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