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So Now We Know

Tell us about the condom, Ardin.

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So now we now. Julian Assange was innocent all along. Innocent of all the allegations leveraged against him in Sweden. We sort of suspected all along, but we didn't know. No one did. But now we know.

In an all-too revealing interview on Friday evening television in Sweden, Assange groupie Anna Ardin gave it away. She was after Julian's manhood - after his life and fame - from the get-go.

She offered him her own flat - it seems like she sublet it often - and then promised to be away all of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Except Rick Falkvinge of the Pirate Party was supposed to take care of him after that, and she didn't want to let a golden opportunity go to waste. So she ambushed him on Friday before he left. Friday the 13th.

'What do we do now?' was her question to him when she turned up out of the blue.

The flat is small in the extreme. Perhaps 90 square feet. Oh let's go out to dinner and talk about it, says Ardin. This is her show. They go to the Thai Kitchen restaurant nearby.

Neither of them remember getting inebriated. Back at her flat, Ardin says she makes a pot of tea. Except it turns up in the photo as a pot of coffee.

Photo? That's right. Hiding the world's most hunted man.

A friend inside ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) just warned him on Wednesday 11th August that he was being targeted. Obama was on the horn to everyone in the EU telling them 'just grab the bastard, worry about the legal justification later' - and this character Anna Ardin - his hostess - waits until he falls asleep and then takes a photo of him and posts it on Facebook? Now all the bad guys knew where he was, right? Right down to the street name, the street number, and the name on the door. And this airhead groupie (or was she) has the gaul to suggest everything revolves around her?

Something happened in those wee hours. Something remotely akin to sex. No one was hurt. Oh no. On the contrary. So much so that, the following day, Ardin arranges a Swedish crayfish party for Julian in her courtyard.

What did the neighbours think? Dozens, perhaps several dozen, flats on that courtyard and they carry on all night long?

'The world's coolest people', Ardin tweets at 02:00 AM. Were they the coolest?

Rick Falkvinge was there. As he should. He was supposed to take Assange away to his place in Sollentuna, a suburb north of Stockholm, except Ardin says no. He's staying here with me, Ardin insists.

Johannes Wallström had also tried. My flat isn't the biggest but it's certainly bigger than this, he tells Ardin. Johannes Wallström was Assange's official liaison in Stockholm. But Ardin tells him no too. He stays with me, she says. It's all in the police transcripts.

Then there's Ardin's friend Kajsa Borgnäs. Kajsa had hitched up with a well-to-do German journalist stationed in Stockholm. They shared an expensive flat together. 'I can fix things if you want to fuck Julian', Ardin tells her. 'But he's a shitty fuck!' It's told to the police by Kajsa.

Someone like Ardin rating someone else's sexual prowess has got to be the living end.

Then there's the bit about the condom. The condom bit, that is, or perhaps that's from another story. Ardin contends that Julian may have been trying to rip the condom they were using. Why they were having such difficulty isn't known, but, then again, it's Anna Ardin, so...

She claims it. She didn't actually see anything. She said she heard a sound, like 'the popping of a balloon'.

Do you happen to have that condom laying around, eight days later, the police ask Ardin by telephone at noon, Saturday the 21th of August. 'Oh yeah sure, I'll go look for it and ring you right back', Ardin tells the police.

And this is all perfectly reasonable. Because especially the nice and tidy Swedes keep used condoms lying around for a week or longer. It happens all the time.

And Ardin gets to work. She takes a NEW condom, and rips it the way she's described this to the police. She evidently uses her fingernail to rip it, as traces of mitochondrial DNA are found on it.

A word on DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid. It's a long polymer made from repeating nucleotides. There are two kinds.

There's mitochondrial DNA and there's genomic DNA.

Mitochondrial can't be used to uniquely identify anyone. Mitochondrial DNA is found in the hair and fingernails of humans. It's genomic DNA that identifies. The Assange condom had only mitochondrial DNA. It was not used for sex.

You can't get genomic DNA off a condom (or off anything else for that matter). You can wash a condom, nuke it in a microwave, bathe it for days in ultraviolet light - nothing helps. People have tried. The DNA is still there.

Anna Ardin fabricated evidence. She never thought the state lab would test the condom for DNA. They weren't supposed to. But they did anyway. Bad luck for Anna.

Anna Ardin's stories are too many, too old, and too full of lies.

And now we know.

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