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Life goes on bra.

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Macca. Yes, Macca. Sir Paul McCartney. John Lennon returned his medal. Macca didn't.

The Beatles sponsored a musical and cultural revolution. Macca's lovechild, Sgt Pepper, is universally accepted as the most significant opus ever in popular music.

Macca's been careful to steer clear of politics all his life. Only hours ago he held a live AMA where he explained how he'd always speak in allegory if he found that he wanted to comment on world affairs.

And now this. A shameful display, comparable to but not surpassing that of U2 after 9/11. Except the photo Macca posted on social media is not from Glasto 2022 - it's from 2008. Not to say he didn't do the same thing now, but the photo's from 2008, not 2022.

What was so urgent in 2008? Were the Bandera Nazis asking for support back then too?

Macca's played music against a backdrop of his video with Johnny Depp - for this he's received criticism, even though Johnny Depp uncanceled himself and won his case in court against his lying gaslighting 'ex'. That was OK to criticise - but a cringeworthy flag-waving extravaganza in support of a Nazi junta?

This is the closing parenthesis on the historical phenomenon of the Beatles.

Sir Paul could have played it coy. As he did with 'Blackbird'. He could have stayed out of the controversy. That would have been the intelligent move. If he hesitated on playing 'Back in the USSR', which was written as a satire at the time, that would have been understandable, and intelligent. But to wave the flag of a nation proud of its Nazi roots? That was just dumb at best, and at worst has caused even more bloodshed.

Macca's been universally praised for his character. The world sided 99.99% with him during his acrimonious split with Heather Mills, just like they did with Johnny Depp against his own nemesis. But now?

Expect the shallow MSM to leave things as they are - tabloid journalism. No one will go into the ramifications. People don't think that deeply anymore. Wipe the drool off your smartphone screen and move on.

The Beatles era is ended. It didn't end with the assassination of John Lennon forty-some years ago. It ended now. When the unapproachable gods of Liverpool become nothing more than petty useful idiots.

A world has ended, a world is shattered. Such a shame.

O-bla-di o-bla-da life goes on bra.

In other unrelated news, Richard Starkey is now a PhD in music, according to Berklee. 'I just hit the buggers', commented Starkey.

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