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Heroes Banquet

Recognition and praise.

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Oasis 2019-04-03
Raw, pure, innocent. No tricks, no gimmicks.

It Was Eight Years Ago Today 2018-03-21
Universal acclaim.

Katerina Janouch 2017-12-03
When telling the truth becomes a seditious act.

Go Fund Sofie 2017-05-26
She just wants to dig.

#StPetersburg 2017-04-03

The Women of MENA 2017-03-31
A shout-out to some of the bravest and classiest people anywhere.

WOTE Pinkpop 2017-03-27
Do it as fucking loud as you can.

Taradell 2017-02-01
You know you gotta visit. This might be the most fun place on earth.

Gandalf 2016-08-19
One fucking great assembler programmer poorer.

Suelette's Friend 2016-01-27
Some may vaguely remember.

Aleksandra Boscanin 2016-01-20
Restoring Sweden's damaged reputation.

Nous sommes Paris 2015-11-17

Feliz Navidad by Walk off the Earth 2014-12-17
Watch the capo.

RIP Inna Kukurudza 2014-06-06
This must not be in vain.

Sarah Harrison in Berlin 2013-11-06
In these times of secrecy and abuse of power there is only one solution.

Sarah Harrison 2013-10-03
Her courage is contagious.

Wendy Davis 2013-06-27
A true hero.

Ten Things to Know About Edward Snowden 2013-06-10
Get ready for the shocker of your lives.

Edward Snowden 2013-06-09
'It'll be turnkey tyranny.'

love 2013-02-10
She will always.

TPB AFK 2013-02-09
At last: the movie by Simon Klose. Cannot be missed.

Julian Assange with Bill Maher 2013-02-09
Who better to interview the WikiLeaks leader?

Sarah Blackwood's Baby Page 2013-01-29
Sarah + Gianni + baby = YES.

Walk off the Earth 2012-01-23
Spiritual revival.

Penn and Teller's Lab Scam 2011-10-08
This is the dry wit of Dennis Ritchie. RIP.

The Lulz Boat 2011-05-29
Come aboard. We're expecting you.

LulzSec 2011-05-29
PBS and Martin Smith weren't expecting them.

Jacqueline Novogratz 2011-03-22
The story of the blue sweater.

Pål Hollender 2010-09-30
He got shot.

Sea Legs 2010-05-15
Jessica Watson arrives at Man O'War Steps 15 May 2010.

Jessica Watson 2010-05-15
Oranges and Tim Tams.

Microfish 2010-04-24
So nice when people help do the job.

Alyssa Milano 2010-01-14

And It Was Done Without Google Wave 2009-12-15
Easy come easy go.

Fixed by Linux 2009-09-21
That's L-I-N-U-X.

Hacker Croll 2009-07-19
The web's second wake up call. For free. But will anyone listen?

Dear Pamela 2009-06-18
'An old letter I came across.'

Calandrella 2009-05-20
Swedish star blogger.

The Daily WTF 2009-05-20
Bookmark this one: it's soul food.

The Socialist Nightmare 2009-05-03
Jon Stewart sends Wyatt Cenac to Sweden.

Who Needs Twix Anyway? 2009-05-01
It's not about the wrapper. It's about the nougat.

Poor But Not Retarded 2009-05-01
Searching for a great laptop.

Photo Session Mynttorget 2009-04-30
Say 'omelett'.

Bohemian Rhapsody Old School Computer Remix 2009-04-29
H/T 2 to Wayne and Garth.

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