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Most people have heard of The Daily WTF. Many people may feel they don't have the time to browse through it. They're mistaken: for soul food like this time is of no importance. The snippets they publish are marvelous. So are the pics. Here are a few pics and snippets.

// TODO: why does this function call accept
//       a request and return a response?
#define NEGATIVE_ONE 0
if (Math.max(1, 2) == 2) return;
If Not IsPostBack Then
  If Not IsPostBack Then
  End If
End If
hi all,

IntTemp = Int((255 * Rnd()) + 1)

I used above ASP.NET code. Problem is in " Rnd() "
Rnd() value is changing everytime.

What is the alternative for Rnd()?
OR How will stop Rnd() value changes at everytime?
// Function to confirm before deletion
function Custom_Confirm(message)
    // Show confirmation message
    var confirmation = confirm(message);

    // If confirmed then return false to stop form submit
    if (!confirmation)
        return false;
        return true;
Boolean answer = new Boolean(
      ? new Boolean(true)
      : new Boolean(false)).booleanValue();
#define ZERO -1
  /* Prepare for return. */

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The Daily WTF

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