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Fixed by Linux

That's L-I-N-U-X.

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Look! It's time someone gave you the facts about your computer. If you're a Windows user, you know all too well what the problems are. Viruses, crashes, sluggish behaviour. Finally you have to fix it or take it to the shop. We see it every day.

Now Microsoft is preparing for the release of their new Windows Se7en. They want you to pay hundreds of dollars to upgrade! Well you don't have to pay for the privilege of using your computer anymore!

We've been installing Linux at home and for businesses in Austin for four years. Our customers love it! Why Linux? It never costs you a dime. All the software you need is free and you never have to worry about Windows viruses again! Linux is all but immune! And many of your Windows programs will run on Linux as well!

Have an older computer? Linux runs great on it when Windows won't!

So instead of paying for a system that's going to cause you problems, stop fighting your computer and start using it!

Check out the facts at www.fixedbylinux.com. That's L-I-N-U-X. fixedbylinux.com. Or call us at 512 739 9707.

There's a better way - Linux!

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