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Mark Stephens

The best solicitor in Sweden is in London.

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You gotta like this guy.

Mark Stephens of the Index on Censorship believes the appeal of Marianne Ny's warrant request will knock down that request. Expressen's 'journalists' have a few questions however.

Q: What will you do if the arrest and the warrant stand?
A: Then things follow normal procedure: they'll present a search warrant that's legally correct. We'll see if Marianne Ny can manage it.

Q: What will you do if the appeal doesn't go through?
A: Normally it should take at least five days, perhaps as many as fifteen days, to communicate the warrant to the authorities in the appropriate country. By that time we'll be able to look at it and see if it's valid.

Q: Why won't Assange come to Sweden?
A: He was in Sweden and he offered to meet with Marianne Ny on several occasions. After that he was given permission to leave Sweden. After that he offered to reply to questions in writing, over a video link, and at the embassy. That's the way cases of this type are decided. You don't have to be flown in to do it.

Q: He's suspected of a serious crime. Isn't it his duty to come and let himself be interrogated?
A: No. Not according to English law and not according to European law.

Q: Why hasn't he come to Sweden and let himself be questioned?
A: Even an idiot grasps that it's difficult for a person like Julian Assange to travel. It's not his duty to come to Sweden.

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