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RIP Inna Kukurudza

This must not be in vain.

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SLAVYANSK (Rixstep) — Some of the most bestial violence imaginable continues to rain down on Donbass. Words simply cannot.

This is Inna Kukurudza. Inna is a wife and mother of two daughters.

Inna was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time. Here are further pictures of Inna.

The fury of Kiev hit. Vera Filatova has the word.

'It's that particular woman in a red shirt (you know which one I mean, if you've seen the footage) whose death has shocked me the most. I must confess that, firstly, I have never witnessed such horrific death up close on camera with all the gory details of blood pouring out of her amputated legs and blood all over her face. And, secondly, it's the unbelievable dignity that she has maintained in her devastating fatal circumstances - her piercing eyes, looking up at you and her not screaming for help for herself, but in a very pleasant stoical polite voice asking for help for a person (already dead) lying next to her.'

Here's another clip of Inna. The cries seem to come from the photographer.

Thanks to Alyssa Petrovna, JahnHlipiinsky, Aleksei Stepanov, and all the others who want Inna to be remembered.

Unfortunately, YouTube are already about removing clips that too accurately show you the atrocities being committed in the name of Barack Obama, John Kerry, Victoria Nuland, and NATO. You're likely to encounter one of the following images more and more as time goes on.

Don't wait for Google to remove clips - download immediately for safekeeping. Share as much as you can as soon as you can.

What happened to Inna must not be forgotten.

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