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Aleksandra Boscanin

Restoring Sweden's damaged reputation.

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SWEDEN/TWITTERSHPERE (Rixstep) — It's been a long time coming. Some may feel they have to go all the way back to Lena Nyman and 'I Am Curious' to find such 'free thinking' in Sweden's duckpond.

But here she is, and she's only here for a week, so latch on. She of course tweets in English, so all should be able to follow easily.

Aleksandra Boscanin, from Stockholm, is twenty-one years old, gorgeous, a programmer with a wide spectrum of experience, a sophisticated thinker, and a credit to her country.

Operating this week off the @sweden Twitter account, which has been likened to Nazi PR in the 1930s, Alexandra just 'lets it fly' - and a lot more than one follower has wondered what happened, if the 'owners' (the Swedish Institute) might shut her down, and most importantly: why no one else in the long and at times cringeworthy history of this Twitter account ever dared tweet more than meatballs, beer, and football scores. Wasn't the idea with the Twitter account to improve Sweden's deteriorating image?

Aleksandra Boscanin is improving that image for every new tweet. She's showing the world at last that Sweden is not North Korea, that at least some Swedes are fully alive and have opinions of their own. The quote 'I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it', most often attributed to Voltaire, comes alive in Aleksandra Boscanin. Further 'curators' of @sweden are bound to have different opinions, but that's not the point. The point is that these are the opinions of one single individual, that we all have different opinions, and that it is only by sharing our opinions that the world can be a better one.

And what better medium than the web?

A H/T to Aleksandra Boscanin. Follow her this week on Twitter, and starting next week (or before) check out and follow her ordinary Twitter account at @aboscanin. There's hope for Sweden after all.

Shit is going down.
 - Aleksandra Boscanin

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