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Master Justice Assange

An oil painting in realtime by Natalie Buske Thomas with music by Kevin MacLeod.

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'Tribute oil painting to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange - Thank you for exposing multiple levels of corruption that are ongoing and are in need of justice. War crimes are at the top of the list, as is any other action that has resulted in the unlawful death of an innocent person. The truth shall set us free.

'About this painting:

'I was inspired by the Lady Justice statue in which she wears a blindfold to represent how law doesn't see influence, isn't corrupted. In my painting Julian holds the blindfold in his left hand, and holds the scales of justice in his right hand. He's wearing a blue shirt with lapels that I saw him wearing in a photo - I didn't want to paint him wearing something that he wouldn't choose for himself... But then the rest of his wardrobe is in a style similar to the robes/garments that the typical Justice statues wear. I'm imagining him trying to bring the truth to the world, and yet there is a sea between the truth and justice.

'The entire art was done with various sizes of paintbrushes and oil paint. I used very small bristles for the face - the smallest size brushes I could find. It really helped because I could almost sketch like using a pencil.

'***Note, I just noticed that I put the wrong title in the video, ugh! Correct title is Master Justice. I looked it over a million times before posting - I guess I needed to look at it 1,000,001 times. :-('
 - Natalie Buske Thomas (@NataliePaints)

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