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You know you gotta visit. This might be the most fun place on earth.

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Catalonian Taradell was selected to take part in the television show Megaplayback.

A single take (sequence shot), a group of people, the more the better, all synchronising lips, gestures and movements while we hear a popular song.

This summer, 16 towns throughout Spain, with 5,000 to 10,000 inhabitants, will compete with each other to prove who is the most fun, most creative and most artistic out of their residents. They'll also reveal the previously unknown beauty spots in their municipality. They'll destroy all the stereotypes we hold about them and show that they can get together at least 150 people to promote where they come from while having a fantastic time, thereby demonstrating the creativity and great fun to be had in Spanish towns.

16 towns.
16 Megaplaybacks.
16 ways of life.

Word went out to villagers on 9 July 2010.


Robert Altman (and Gianni Luminati) started shaking in their boots. Key is the 'single take' part. Altman's movie 'The Player' begins with an elaborate 8+ minute 'single take' where he has one of his actors reminiscing about the days of Hitchcock, and sadly lamenting no one takes on 'single take' anymore.

WOTE's Material Girl (with a very pregnant Sarah Blackwood) was also a devilishly clever 'single take'.

Preparations in Taradell began on Friday 16 July.

Another rehearsal was held the day after.

Yet another rehearsal was held on the planned day of the shoot (Sunday 18 July). [SPOILERS!]

Then yet another run-through before it's 'cameras, action'.

And so finally it's time.

They've even uploaded a bit of a 'making of'.

Wikipedia doesn't have a lot to say about Taradell.

Taradell is a municipality in the Osona of the Province of Barcelona. The town has been documented since the 10th century.

But at least they're on a map.

This has got to be a great place to visit.

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