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WOTE Pinkpop

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How about starting with a theremin, two tom-toms, two trumpets, and a didgeridoo with a cornet mute? This is Walk off the Earth on the main stage at a Dutch festival last summer.

This is their one-hour performance in full. For those who don't have the opportunity to see them live. 'The talent level here is absolutely fucking ridiculous', writes David Merrell.

And they've brought along their extended family, so there's about 10 WOTEs on stage.

The hub of this supergroup is Francesca Nicassio of Stars Academy. Franci's hitched to Marshall and is sister to Gianni. Marshall and Gianni got together, and the rest is history.

Today they're augmented by keyboard wizard Mike Taylor, Sarah Blackwood, and Joel Cassady, along with Shameless James, James Ervin, Lee Williamson, Zach Gerber, and others. In 2016 they won the JUNO Award for Group of the Year.

For a real after-dinner treat, listen to this stellar a cappella performance for a hockey game in their home country. And wait for Sarah's slamming 'sus4' at the end. If that doesn't get to you, you're probably deaf.

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