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The Women of MENA

A shout-out to some of the bravest and classiest people anywhere.

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'They're not human - they're cattle': that's how the women of MENA are treated.

Start by visiting this link. It's an 'archive' because the original YouTube clip has been taken down, and no one knows what will happen to replacements, or even to the Mail.


But do take a look at the video content. You'll see an incredible 'numb nuts' shepherding women at an institution of higher learning. And when he's finished putting them back in the corral, he fetches a nasty snake to intimidate them.

Talk about a tosser, right? But it's business as usual in MENA.

From the POV of an outsider, this not only looks perverse, and a fucking nightmare for the women, but, taken in the context of being 'business as usual', leads one to the ostensibly unavoidable conclusion that those male shits are terrified of women and sex generally speaking. 'The devil is coming your way', supposedly says their prophet, of the approach of a woman.

Those guys are scared shitless, terrified of a free woman. Should women gain full freedom and rights, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. They seem to know that, and so they mostly stop short only of annihilation in containing them.

After witnessing Cologne and Sweden, one might otherwise justifiably conclude that those 'unaccompanied minors' were just too fucking horny, having come to a 'free' area of the world, to contain themselves.

But that doesn't explain the coordinated and systematic cruelty. The above link however does. They're not human - they're cattle. And they're kept - tolerated - only for breeding purposes. And, of course, to do maid's work.

Nothing about her - nothing - can be exposed to the world around. She's too dangerous - sexuality itself is too dangerous. Messing with someone else's woman - someone else's property - is not wrong because it violates the woman, but because it offends the woman's owner.

Fuck the woman! Who gives a shit about her! That's how they think. The men too are trapped in a horrific ideology, but they'll never break free.

The women will do it. The women will break free. They're starting right now.

All over, especially on Twitter, they're braving everything - their personal safety, their very lives - to speak out. And the cries and complaints heard today can very well turn into a roar.

These are some pretty classy women. And watching them jump for joy at finally finding freedom is wonderful to behold.

But the 'bad guys', wealthy in oil, send along advance guards to the west, to in effect trap them if they're lucky to escape.

The idiot governments of Canada and Sweden are effectively oppressing these women. Justin Trudeau's poised to introduce 'blasphemy' legislation, and lifelong residents of refugee areas in Sweden are making a run for it, as 'morality police' arrive to corral them in again, in what once was a free country.

It's not so long ago that the infamously clumsy Swedish government got egg all over their feminist faces when, after trying to shame Donald Trump, things backfired on them in Tehran. Darya Safai at the Wall Street Journal really tore into the lot.


'Sweden claims it has a 'feminist foreign policy', yet during an official trip to Iran last month, several female cabinet members covered their heads. How will Iranian women escape Islamism's chokehold if European feminists submissively bow to men who refuse even to shake a woman's hand?

'Days before that state visit, an Islamic court in Iran's Lorestan Province sentenced a man and woman to death by stoning for adultery. The Swedish feminists issued nary a peep in protest of this gross violation of human rights.'

'Sweden's Isabella Lövin publicised a picture of herself signing a decree as seven female officials stood behind her desk. It was meant as a parody of Mr Trump's all-male signing ceremonies. Why are Sweden's officials so agitated by a mouthy president yet so taciturn about Iran's brutal islamists?'

The brave women of MENA get no help from women in the West. Those women in the West latch only onto silly less-than-trivial talking points chosen to enhance their political popularity - such as the irrepressible Gudrun Schyman of Sweden who burns real cash in an outdoor barbecue because she can't get stage time at the country's annual political week.

Sweden's feminists are a joke, and the joke's getting worn out. Built only to keep Gudrun Schyman in the clover after her own party disowned her for multiple cases of tax fraud, the 'Feminist Initiative' hasn't a single sound domestic policy proposal, and studiously ignores the plight of women outside the duckpond.

Fuck those women! Who gives a shit about them! That's how they think too.

'Such women will never stand up for the basic rights of their counterparts in muslim countries', writes Darya Safai. But the rest of us can. They're actually the key to our own freedom. Check the links below to learn more. And support them all you can.

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