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She just wants to dig.

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GOTHENBURG (Rixstep) — Good investigative journalists are a dying breed. The name 'Hannes Råstam' can come to mind - there'd not have been an end to the Quick scandal without him.

But after Hannes Råstam? Pretty much crickets, actually. Until now.

Until Sofie Löwenmark.

Sofia hails from the west coast today. She's a freelancer. She began noticing something funny in Sweden's government about a year ago: millions upon millions were being squandered on fraudulent enterprises that often turned out to be fronts for jihadist organisations.

She didn't have the time to dig deeper into the matter then, but she finally found funding towards the end of 2016 from a new startup called Smedjan.

Done deal. Sofie completed her main research in two months, with her article series published in March/April of this year.

To say Sofie shook the Swedish establishment to its roots might be a slight exaggeration - but not by much: she uncovered not only massive fraud, but also stupefying - and arrogant - stupidity on the part of the organisation giving away all those millions.

It's unfortunate for people outside the duckpond that Sofie's reports are only in the Swedish language, for Sofie masters the second talent so crucial to those in her profession: writing spellbinding (but factual) narratives. Parts of her reports read like pages out of a le Carré novel.

It all began on 15 March when Sofie published part one: 'Sweden's United Muslims Spread Jihadism for Tax Money'. The money was obtained by an organisation known as MUCF, formerly run by the host of the 'Disney Club' television show, later the cabinet minister in charge of stopping jihadism in the country. [Yes.]

This first part of Sofie's series truly reads like a spy novel, taking one through twists and turns throughout Europe, uncovering some rather sinister operations.

Part two of the series may have elicited the most laughter already in its title: 'The Council of United Creoles Organise Chilling'. The 'creoles' didn't have much of a plan, but they got generous grants nonetheless. Sofie found out they were actually an offshoot of another group once behind organised riots in the country.

And so forth.

Go Fund Sofie!

'My goal's not to become richer than MUCF, or 'organised chilling', but to be able to continue digging', Sofie writes on her Go Fund Me page.

And already the donations are dropping in.

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