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Katerina Janouch

When telling the truth becomes a seditious act.

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SVEDALA (Rixstep) — When telling the truth becomes a seditious act - ask Katerina Janouch. She knows. She's been there before.

Katerina is not native to Sweden. She was born in Czechoslovakia right before the Prague Spring. Her parents were part of that historical movement.

Several years after the tanks rolled in, her parents, who were involved in Charta 77, decided to flee the country.

They went to Copenhagen, where they basically got nowhere for a year. Then, finally, her father, a nuclear physicist, got an offer from the Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. So they moved to Stockholm - or, more precisely, to the suburb of Täby, some 20 miles to the north.

Katerina is completely lyrical about that time. About how she and her family were given vouchers to each buy an article of clothing from the famous PUB department store in Stockholm, across the market area from the venue where Nobel Prizes are awarded each year.

Those were good times. The sun shone on Katerina and her family. And on Sweden.

Katerina went on to become a famous author. And columnist. And general all-around feel-good personality, advising people on relationships, writing erotica, children's books, works of fiction for adults on topical themes, etc. She has had more than 140 (one hundred forty) titles published over the years.

Then something happened. 2017 happened. But before getting into 2017, one must of needs back up even further.

Laila & the Tsunami

Actually, this strange story begins with former Swedish prime minister Göran Persson. He's the one known for his 'buffalo tactics', perhaps the first thoroughly corrupt PM in modern Sweden, who knew how to grease palms on both sides of the aisle, and did so magnificently.

But his corruption didn't bring him down. A tsunami did.

At the holiday break that fateful year, cabinet minister Laila Freivalds was at the theatre. A Friday evening. And her phone rang. To alert her to the news that a tsunami had hit Thailand, and that many Swedes were involved. Laila's response was memorable. She barked down the line that she was at the theatre, that she'd waited three months to see the play, and that she was not to be disturbed.

Laila watched her play, but she did not follow up on the alert she'd been given. She went to bed that night without doing a thing.

Same thing on Saturday. She ignored the emergency. And Sunday too. Did she act on Sunday? No she did not. Laila walked calmly into work on Monday morning, and only then did she act.

And what did she do, this Laila Freivalds? She immediately set up a 'photo opportunity'. She had the gentleman from her Friday phone call accompany her to Thailand so she could be photographed with the Swedish sick and dying.

That was it. Laila rushed back to Stockholm. Her escort, who was also a doctor, of course stayed behind to help the sick and needy. But not Laila. In fact, she and her government did nothing for the tsunami victims. That role fell to an independent travel agency, who hired a jumbo jet out of their own pocket to rescue the people.

And what was Sweden's prime minister Göran Persson doing all this time? Was he chastising the incomparable Laila Freivalds? Oh hell no! He was at his summer cottage - yes, in the dead of winter! He was having a helluva holiday bash!

But didn't he get a call about the tsunami? He was prime minister, wasn't he?

Yes he did. And how did he, Sweden's prime minister, respond?

By telling the caller he was having a party on his holiday break and was not to be disturbed.

And that's what brought down the social democrats for the second time in modern history, and ushered in the era of MUF and the Cynics.

MUF & the Cynics

The mysterious 'Morpheus' provides us with the next chapter in this hellish saga.


A piece translated by this site.


The Night of the Cynics: basically, the story of a few brats and how they should have been careful what they wished for.

This isn't based on conjecture either: it's based on an interview with the former leader of the 'Moderate' Party of Sweden. Someone who knew what was really going on.

The Homeless & Brown Beans

Below is a package of Bruna Bönor - Swedish brown beans.

It looks yucky enough - it's almost tasteless, and what taste you do derive will not be welcome. But to members of 'MUF' - the youth league of the 'Moderate' Party - those brown beans are the greatest.

They use packages of them to have fun with the homeless.

This isn't conjecture either - it's what those brats do for fun.

They arm themselves with packages of Bruna Bönor, then go into the town under the cover of night. And seek out the homeless, wherever they can be found. Sleeping in doorways, skips, you name it.

And then they pummel those poor people with the packages. Which of course split wide open on impact. Soaking their tattered clothes in - you guessed it: brown beans.

And this is great fun. And they'll laugh all the way home. And then tell their friends about their adventures the following day.

Thus are the members of the youth league of the 'Moderate' Party. So the next time you hear one of them talk about 'opening your hearts', remember the brown beans.

True, there are members of that party who are good, such as the incomparable Hanif Bali. But the bad element toting the beans: they're there, too.

And what the 'Moderates' did, once their party swept the elections in the aftermath of the tsunami disaster, was plot the downfall of Sweden.

True, they weren't really after the country's downfall. Perhaps not. But their rabid hatred of all things social-democratic, including the world-famous welfare state, is so great that they actually wouldn't give a damn, even if they could see straight.

The ineptitude and intellectual bankruptcy of these idiots is well documented.

http://rixstep.com/1/20130910,00.shtml   http://rixstep.com/1/20130911,00.shtml

The above links are to translations (by this site) of two chapters of a book by the prime minister who replaced Göran Persson: Fredrik Reinfeldt. Here's Fredrik with his Minister for Finance Anders Borg. That's Borg on the left, Fredrik Reinfeldt on the right.

They look very happy in that photo. They should be. They've made millions betraying their country. They surely didn't want things to get out of hand as much as they have. But what the heck. You win some, and you lose some.

What Anders and Fredrik did was plot with Sweden's clueless Green Party (not all green parties are bad, but Sweden's is very special) who continually propagated for open borders. Yes, it's a great ideal - in the best of all possible perfect worlds - but it doesn't always work out so good in practice. As Anders and Fredrik well knew, Bilderberg buddies as they were, and as Sweden's Greens hadn't even begun to contemplate.

Fredrik had been under the wing of the international arm (yes, they have one) of the Republican Party of the United States. The GOP actually helped Fredrik win the chairmanship of the 'Moderate' youth league back in the 1980s, when his opponent for that position was one Ulf Kristersson. The GOP regarded Kristersson as too soft, preferred the hard-nosed merciless Fredrik Reinfeldt, so Fredrik Reinfeldt won. None less than Karl 'Turd Blossom' Rove later became Fredrik's chief campaign adviser.

The plan was simple but brilliant. Open the borders. Let everyone in. And why? Because Fredrik and Anders loved foreigners? They pummel people with brown beans! No, not love - hatred. Hatred for the social democrats and what they stood for. Hatred for the country - and the people - who once welcomed Katerina Janouch and her family.

Back to the Future

Back to the future. Back to 2017. Fredrik and Anders got what they wished for. This was well before the 'refugee crisis'. And when the 'refugee crisis' finally hit, several years afterwards, Sweden was already down on her sweet bleeding knees.

Fredrik's goal was to crush the Swedish welfare system by overwhelming it. By so overpowering the country's social infrastructure that things would collapse. Something welcomed by their friends in the US, where Sweden had always been regarded as a thorn in their side. You can't have too much free love and upstarts like Palme running off the mouth, condemning wars and stuff like that.

By January 2017, Sweden was at an advanced stage of collapse. The 'utopia' built up by Per Albin Hansson, Tage Erlander, and Olof Palme over a fifty-year period could be brought to its knees in a fraction of that time, if the malevolence was strong enough.

And the malevolence - the blind rage felt by 'MUF' against the social democrats - was well known.

And one very well known and much beloved Katerina Janouch decided to pay a visit back home in Prague. And was interviewed by their local television.

What the Czechs found interesting was that Katerina knew a lot about a country infamous for a policy of chaos with regard to a policy their own country had been adamantly against. So they asked Katerina how things were going in Sweden.

And Katerina told them the truth. She told them how frightened she was. How she felt unsafe going outdoors after dark.

Everything Katerina said in that interview has been proven to be accurate. More: Katerina's estimates of how bad things had become in Sweden turned out to be much too conservative - things are actually much much worse.

But that didn't stop Sweden's new prime minister Stefan Löfven. Not exactly a political heavyweight - taking on his party's leadership only because no one else wanted the job, the previous pick let go because his mustache was considered 'too manly' (this is Sweden, remember) - Löfven keeps putting his foot in it, even as he demonstrates he's obviously ready to do anything to save that party. No. Matter. What.

For the Social Democrats of today are not the Social Democrats of old. Not like the legendary Per Albin, who ran the entire country with a handful of dedicated ministers, who calmly took a streetcar home every night. Nor like his successors Tage and Olof. Theirs was a 'first generation' of politicians - the ones who had a purpose and a vision. They were replaced in time with a 'new generation' who hadn't known the tough times and whose only thought was 'what's in it for me?'

Corruption had set in the Social Democrat Party. Persson was ample evidence of that. Löfven may not have been the slime ball Persson was, but he was also very inept and clumsy. And as soon as word got out about what Katerina had said in Prague, he put the old foot in it. Politicians in Sweden aren't supposed to do what Stefan Löfven did.

And all he did was say he didn't share Katerina's view of how things were deteriorating in Sweden.

But that was enough. And it didn't matter that Katerina was proven right time and again: Sweden's own homegrown brand of brownshirts came out of the woodwork. Libraries wanted to stop stocking her popular books. Bookstores too. Her own publisher started giving her grief. Stefan Löfven has never apologised to Katerina for the damage he caused.

But Stefan Löfven's remark set many things in motion. Katerina was a very successful author in Sweden - but Stefan Löfven's remark turned her into a firebrand overnight. And already being immensely popular, she started receiving mountains of mail from Swedes who felt as she did. Who had personal frightening stories to tell.

All the while, it must be pointed out, that Sweden's supposedly nonpartisan neutral 'public service' SVT put five members of their bloated staff on a full time mission to find dirt on Katerina Janouch.

Five. Fünf. Cinco. To find 'dirt' on someone. In order to discredit them. Full time. (Did it sink in?)

Katerina remembers the 'good old days'. Back home in Prague. Before her parents had had enough and knew they had to leave. Back when the Czech secret police set up microphones in adjacent flats so they could record their conversations.

She remembers the people who cooperated with the secret police. She remembers what they were like. She's written about it.

Katerina knows the face of fascism. She knows its stench.

Katerina & the Pockets

Sweden has many things that make Sweden outstanding. And not always in a good way. A new book came out in September, detailing what Sweden's really like today. Donald Trump's remark about Sweden, early in the year, prompted journalist Tim Pool to look for himself. He wasn't as frightened by what he saw as he was by how the Swedish media treated him, ultimately telling the world: 'Sweden creeps me out'.

But in the noble enterprise of saving face, Sweden works hard. The government works hard, hand in hand, with their supposedly 'neutral' 'public service' who tried to sully Katerina and Tim Pool and so many others. The latest in their game is something called 'I Am Here' (JagÄHär) which is a Facebook gang 75,000 strong. It's run by an employee of public service SVT and is funded by the Swedish government (who ultimately can control what they do).

And what do they do? They patrol the Internet. Or, more specifically, they patrol Facebook. They're on the lookout for anything posted anywhere that's contrary to the 'official narrative'. Knowing how social media works, the leaders of the group alert their members to what posts (and people) to attack. Based on the knowledge that no major social media platform can possibly patrol what's going on, the group rely on numbers: that when enough complaints come in, something is going to happen.

The local Facebook staff take it from there.

Katerina's found out the hard way how they operate, and so, in true investigative journalistic fashion - even though she's not really a journalist, and that's more and more a good thing in Sweden - she's dug into the group's history and uncovered some pretty unsavoury things.

And, needless to say, Sweden's government aren't happy about it.

The pot started boiling over the other day when a member of Sweden's royal family was seen carrying one of Katerina's classic children's books.

Here's HRH Prince Alexander with a book from Katerina's famous 'Ingrid' series.

The photo was a vindication. Both for Katerina and for all the people who love her. But it sparked fury in the 'I Am Here' dungeons.

For a member of 'I Am Here' is also, coincidentally, an executive at one of Sweden's leading literature outlets. And today...

Today, at the airport, I went into Pocket Shop to buy Katerina's latest book. I couldn't find it, so I went to the clerk there to inquire. Usually Katerina's books take up an entire department.

'Oh yeah, those books. Well we've removed them', the girl told me. 'She says racist things.'

Pocket Shop still have some of Katerina's books listed.


And they've also posted a disclaimer.

Pocket Shop selects books based on their commercial and literary merit, not on the private opinions of their authors.

A thread at Pocket Shop's Facebook page is full of lots of very angry people demanding to know what in the world is racist about Katerina Janouch.


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