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SMYRNA (Rixstep) — Tim Purcell is from the Atlanta area. He's been a musician most of his life. He's had many groups, most recently (and currently) the Mustangs. A few years earlier, Tim started filming gigs. Then his daughter joined in.

Tim's wife Tami, a lawyer for Coca-Cola, suggested Tim let her bring home the bacon so he could concentrate on his music. Said and done.

Bella's Pizzeria is on Atlanta Road in Smyrna. They do dine-in, take-out, and delivery seven days a week, open mostly 11 AM to 10 PM, with trivia contests on Wednesday evenings.

On Sunday, 21 March 2010, Tim's alternate group, Foxes and Fossils, guested Bella's Pizzeria.

The above clip, a cover of the Stephen Stills lament to Judy Collins, immediately grabbed people's attention, and praise was unanimous. The view count should finally hit 600,000 this weekend.

It's easy to do covers, but it's a black art to do them right.

On Tim's far right (viewer far left) is guitarist Darwin Conort. Next over is Maggie Adams, who today works in artist management and promoting, amongst others, Caitlin Canty.

Next over is Tim himself. Then Tim's fifteen-year-old daughter Sammie singing the really high notes. Sammie's since gone on to get a degree from Vanderbilt in Nashville.

Finally, on Tim's far left (viewer far right) is Scott King, easily ranked as one of the top basists in the world. Have a listen with a good set of headphones and you'll soon hear why.

A complete set of the Foxes and Fossils performance at Bella's is available online. Graham Nash, who sings on the original of the above number, contacted Tim to send regards and praise.

They're called the best cover band on YouTube, best cover band in the southern US, and best cover band in the world.

Precisely eighteen months later, Foxes and Fossils graced the Twisted Taco in town, now with Johnny Pike on drums and Toby Ruckert on guitar. And they did it again. They just blew people away.

A final clip from their 4th July gig in Chamblee - this is the alternate group, the Mustangs.

Tim Purcell has 65 clips with the Foxes and Fossils (and the Mustangs) online. That's about five hours and twenty minutes of some of the best crafted music you'll find anywhere. Have fun.

Postscript 2018-03-26

Foxes and Fossils broke a threshold today: over 600,000 views. For a performance even Graham Nash congratulated.

Some of the recent comments of the nearly 7,000.

'This is pure joy.'
'Double Plus Wow.'
'That was absolute perfection.'
'Speechless. And covered with goose bumps.'
'Fantastic. I keep coming back to this again and again.'
'Rarely do YouTube vids give me shivers. You did... Bravo.'
'At 'fill me to the marrow' everyone should have been on their feet. These folks are exceptionally talented. Just spectacular.'
'Anybody who's ever been involved in a band knows that precision vocal harmony is the most difficult and challenging aspect of live music.'

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