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'This one goes to 11'

'That really wasn't half-bad.'

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No, the words may not make sense, it's an exercise in alliteration, but they didn't write it, they only sing it. Yet the pros know what they heard.

'Some bands are just too good for their audience. This was one of them.'

'Wasn't half bad??! CSN didn't do it as well. I'm stunned.'

'i'm supposed to be working on learning my songs but i stumbled on monday monday and can't seem to stop watching these videos. i'm 51 and have been playing and singing all of my life. i've never seen a better or more compelling cover band than you guys. just brilliant. nice job...'

'Okay. There's covers and there's covers. This group goes so beyond 'cover' as to redefine the song and its delivery. I can't put any more than one thumbs up in the rating, but if I could there'd be a million of them.'

'I have watched several of their videos and they do not need a bucket for money they have no idea how good they are. I would easily pay a 100 dollars to watch them live.'

'11 out of 10! One of the best performances I ever came across in any genre!'

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