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The Crafty Hog

'If you're going to have barbecue, you might as well make it crafty.'

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SMYRNA (Rixstep) — Tim Purcell once said that when his foxes Maggie and Sammie finally went away to uni, he'd disband his group Foxes and Fossils. Then he met Chase.

That's Chase taking a lead on this one, from one of their gigs less than three years ago at the Crafty Hog in Smyrna in August 2016. Sammie's far left on the third vocal. The lineup includes Toby on guitar, Scott King and Johnny Pike in the rhythm section, but yes, Maggie 'Leave Us and Go Away To College' is absent, as she temporarily left them to do just that.

But she and the others are back again, finally. Here's their take on a Michelle Phillips vehicle, released only a week ago, and the complete lineup is in attendance: Toby and Darwin on guitar, one of them on mandolin, Tim himself on keyboards, Scott and Johnny providing the beat, and Darwin, Chase, Tim, Maggie, and Sammie join to provide a staggering five-part harmony.

Three minutes of perfect. A supergroup. They're unique, but we have them, thankfully.

One final treat: Chase again - fifteen at the time - belting it out. She and Sammie don some pretty cool hats. And, once again, the musicianship, and the vocals even more so, are incomprehensibly extraordinary.

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