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F-INSECURE Spreading FUD Since '94

Cottage industry purveyors of snake oil called out by Unix guru.

It would seem there are others who find the antics of F-Secure a bit like - er, antics.

Noted security researcher Tom Ferris of Security Protocols in Cupertino has worked with the likes of eEye, Foundstone, and the US Department of Defense - and unlike the Windows (l)users at F-Secure, Tom has chops in Unix. He's also credited by Apple with discovering several vulnerabilities in their OS X code.

So F-Secure decided they would name it iAdware! How lame and unoriginal is that? Seriously, they could have come up with something much better - like FirstOSXAdwareFoundByFSecure.app or something.

Why won't F-Secure disclose the information so we can protect our super secure OS X machines? This just doesn't make sense. I thought F-Secure were a white hat full disclosure type of company?


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