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Landon Fuller

There's such a thing as 'family planning'.

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Landon Fuller used to work for Apple. Used to. In what capacity is mostly unknown for most people. And basically however things turn out, Landon Fuller loses.

If it turns out Landon Fuller used to empty dust bins in Cupertino, it only confirms what people have suspected all along; if it turns out Landon Fuller was actually a programmer, it's even worse.

But it does turn out Landon Fuller was a programmer - or at least almost a programmer - so it's basically good night and lights out for both Landon Fuller and Apple Computer together.

In this Month of Apple Bugs there is one fool supposedly on the fanboy side of Apple who is doing more damage than any of the Apple haters ever could.

And his name is Landon Fuller.

Landon Fuller (of San Francisco natch) has namely taken it upon himself to 'fix' all the bugs KF and LMH introduce - WITH UNSANITY APE HAXIES.

Yes you read that right: the one technology on OS X that should never have been, the one technology all security experts are always up in arms about - this is what a former Apple programmer thinks is cool.

As can be seen on this page, Landon Fuller, a supposed 'infrastructure software engineer', comes with an impressive CV.

If the security community need any more proof Apple are a bunch of incompetent nonces, they have it now.

News flash for Landon Fuller: QuickTime vulnerabilities work on Windows but haxies don't.

News flash for Landon Fuller's parents: there's such a thing as 'family planning'.

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