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The Voice of Fairness

Here we go again. From Aviv Raff's blog.

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Regarding your 'Month of Apple Bugs' project: I think your project is little more than an attempt at calling attention to yourself, and here's why.

First, you call it a 'Month of Apple Bugs' but your second bug has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Apple. They didn't code VLC, they don't bundle VLC, they don't support VLC. It's an entirely third-party application, and in fact the bug that you point out ALSO affects Windows PCs. Calling this an 'Apple Bug' is quite a stretch of the imagination. If you wanted to be accurate, why didn't you just call your list 'Month of Apple and Third-Party Software Bugs'? Answer: Because you didn't want to be accurate. You wanted to go for the impact of calling them *APPLE* bugs when they aren't all Apple bugs at all. That's like saying Toyota is responsible for all of the design flaws in Ford products, all with a straight face.

Second, you are clearly not doing this as any sort of 'public service' but rather just to revel in your own imagined cleverness. If this were a real 'public service' then you would ALSO point out when the bugs were fixed. For example, the VLC Media Player bug you pointed out was fixed within mere hours after you posted it -- but you make absolutely no effort to inform the public of this, preferring instead to revel in the imagined glory that you believe your list reflects upon you. To me, your list doesn't say 'here are the bugs I've found and how to fix them' but rather 'here are the bugs I've found, aren't I so gosh darned clever?'.

Your 'MoAB' list is interesting reading, and no doubt has the potential to bring about some positive change. But its effectiveness as a research or 'alert' tool is overwhelmed by your obvious and demonstrable bias in how you've presented things and the 'rules' you've laid out.

The Voice of Fairness

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