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MOAB 8 Fallout

Rosnya, Osama bin Fuller, and Unsanity's APE gets totally screwed. As expected.

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So much is fairly certain at this impasse: at the end of this Month of Apple Bugs the big losers are going to be Jason Harris, Rosnya Keller, Unsanity - and APE.

Following the blatant - but expected - exploitation of an ouverture for joint resolution of Apple bugs by the MOAB team (which was vetoed by Fuller's Richelieu Rosnya Keller for obvious personal reasons) the MOAB team dropped a bomb on them: MOAB 8.

Of course this demonstrates the significant intellectual superiority of the MOAB team over the arrogant fools of Unsanity - something even Rosnya finally admitted - but in the asynchronous actions and decisions of Harris and Keller it shows how intellectually inferior they are to the rest of the fanboy community to boot.

For Harris and Keller packed their bags and crawled to Mecca to be at Macworld, leaving Landon Fuller and the rest of their responsibilities behind.

And should they get sideswiped now they have only themselves to blame. And after the MOAB 8 fallout there's going to be a lot of blame for them to shoulder.

By noon the day after panic started to spread in the APE community. Harris and Keller had tried to stay the panic by disabling comments at their usual blog, but a site visitor got into their Macworld blog instead.

Posting this here because the comments for the appropriate post (previous one) seem to have been disabled. This is a call (again) for Unsanity to post a public comment on the latest Month of Apple Bugs post, detailing a serious hack based on APE itself. Again, please do the responsible thing and spread the word urging users to disable APE until a fix is available. This is a dangerous bug and it's likely that someone is working hard to create a delivery mechanism that takes advantage of it. Regardless of what you think of MOAB, the issue is real.

But Harris and Keller would of course do no such thing. Everything hinges on their ability to continue foisting their universally abhorred APE on unsuspecting fanboys who do not understand the risks and cannot appreciate the tangible dangers, MOAB 8 or no.

Alternative? Easy. Standard fanboy tactics. Insult and obfuscate. Toss the blame on Apple even.

But the facts remain that Apple will in no way ever condone or approve the use of Unsanity products - and no other serious conscientious software house will either.

Jason Harris and Rosnya Keller are getting desperate - and it's about time. Slowly things are improving in the OS X community, and a large part of the credit for this sea change has to go to MOAB.

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