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Jeffrey Czerniak

They seldom come dumber than this.

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Today's Stupid Award has to go to Jeffrey Czerniak who epitomises the hysteria of Apple fanboys.

Already exposed as one of the leaks of MOAB information to the batshit unsane crew of Harris and Keller, Czerniak totally loses it when he expresses suspicion of a connection between Rixstep and ace MOAB hacker LMH.

I'd bet good money that LMH of Month of Apple Bugs is none other than Rixstep, due to their shared contempt of Rosyna.

This is a bet anyone would be happy to take up - after all, who doesn't need a bit more cash - especially if it's 'good money'?

But it's worse - of course it is. This is Fanboy Country and it ALWAYS has to be worse. For the list of those who share 'contempt for Rosnya' is not only distinguished, it's also incredibly long.

  • Rich Siegel of Bare Bones hardly likes APE.
  • Apple engineers and support staff hardly like it.
  • Apple will never condone or approve of use of APE.
  • Administrators everywhere continually warn of use of APE.
  • Anyone with a half ounce more brains than a fanboy knows instinctively what a Pandora's Box of evil APE is.
  • The Shah of Iran, Kim Il Sung, Tony Blair, Billary Clinton, and Al Gore are all on the record as being staunchly opposed to APE.
  • Britney Spears has said she will never let her children use APE.
  • Kevin Federline is thinking of suing Unsanity for screwing up his iMac.
  • Jessica Simpson said of APE: 'I can't spell it but I hate it!'
  • When Saddam Hussein ordered his Whoppers from the Burger King in downtown Baghdad he always told his servants 'extra onion and extra pickle but hold the APE'.

It's a real paranoid life to be a fanboy in today's enlightened world.

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