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The Canary Trap, the Leak, and the Mole

The MUFFers get superbly shafted.

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Well gee whiz! Who could have expected it? The MOAB team running rings around and making fools of Landon Fuller, Jason Harris, Rosnya Keller, Unsanity, and their wretched APE?

[Shush now! Yes OF COURSE it's almost everybody! Don't spoil the story!]

The skinny is that ace MOAB hacker 'LMH' suspected a leak. What's interesting is he knew basically who was on the receiving end.

I think that I will have to respectfully decline LMH's offer of coordination. I genuinely appreciate the gesture of goodwill, but I don't feel that it is the right thing to do. I know some of you will disagree with me (and some will agree) but upon reflection, I can't personally compromise the ethical point, though the offer may be very tempting.

But he had to prove it. And so he set about rigging a canary trap.

'A backdoor was prepared to be included with the exploit. The potential leak sources would download the backdoor, and as expected, start shouting on forums, random blogs and other Mac churches, saying we were installing rootkits.'

By permutating the contents of the download at regular intervals and monitoring online reactions, LMH was able to trace the source of the leaks - and also see who they were going to.

Not surprisingly one of the principal (and earliest) recipients was Jason Harris of Unsanity, Rosnya's partner in crime.

Being as Rosnya and Harris have been doing the dirty work for Landon Fuller's 'fixes' all along (Fuller admits it's all out of his depth) it's suddenly a little more than slightly hypocritical how they've tried to 'posture' themselves in the media through their little jippo.

  • Harris and Keller get to tout their increasingly denigrated APE with lots of free publicity.
  • Former Apple employee and perennial Grand Fanboy Fuller gets to make his former employer look good.
  • And they're doing it all by NOT having advance notice of MOAB exploits.

How ethical of them. What the planet needs now is more people of their high moral caliber.

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