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Scrambled Rosnya

He's out of his depth. Tragically so.

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Poor Rosnya! He has a product no one wants - that Apple hates - and all he can do is go fifteen rounds with LMH of the MOAB team.

And he's out of his league. Not only is he totally outmatched in technical expertise, he's no match either in pure rhetoric.

Maybe it's the immunity to the RDF: the lack of delusions and the overall honesty on the part of LMH. But whatever: there's been a clash at the MUFF forums - not about Jason Harris and his sticky fingers but about the recently announced DMG flaws.

When you can't make headway and recover lost territory (akin to an entire country in this simile) you attack somewheres else, and the DMG advisories are as good a place as any.

In other words don't play the ball - play your opponent. Dirty tricks department.

Or that was the idea at any rate. Poor Rosnya! Poor scrambled Rosnya! Scrambled to a pulp twice in as many days. One stamp with the word 'FOOL' on the forehead isn't necessarily indelible, but when it's two stamps already the odds change dramatically.

And if there's one thing certain at this impasse, as readers everywhere get to x-ray both Rosnya and LMH, it's that the latter has more chops off stage than you can shake a stick at and that Rosnya is getting just a wee bit wobbly in the knees.

He's out of his depth. Tragically so. And not so long ago it may still be ringing in people's ears he blurted out 'these guys are just trolls looking for attention. And they're (well LMH especially) aren't the brightest knives in the drawer. They get very, very simple things wrong'.

Ouch! That sort of makes Rosnya into a blowhard and a liar! What a surprise then that LMH shows as much perspicacity, patience, and above all manners with the likes of Rosnya - all the while he continues to run rings around him.

And for the record: LMH is not making Rosnya look the fool: Rosnya's doing that all by himself. And he's rather good at it, as you shall see.

Poor Rosnya! Poor scrambled Rosnya!


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