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'I got one step better.'

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The context is Inside Mac Radio have just had Slava Karpenko of St Petersburg Russia and Justin Harris of Tempe AZ on to hype their new Unsanity product ShapeShifter. Through several difficult to endure promo spots for Apple and Applish companies. About twenty minutes into it the Unsanity people are gone and Sam Levin and Scott Sheppard start dreaming up the possibilities with this new 'utility'.

SCOTT SHEPPARD: I'm sure our friends over at Apple won't be very happy about ShapeShifter.

SAM LEVIN: I would like to see a ShapeShifter toolkit that doesn't - you don't have to get into Photoshop. People don't want to get into Photoshop except for people like Scott Shepherd of course.

SCOTT SHEPPARD: Think of the cool interface, OK? It's like a ShapeShifter control panel like the regular thing? And you wanna you have metal interface. But you just grab a slider and it goes from like stainless to blue to red to green. It's like an RGB bar and you just move it and you can make all your interfaces now like green. If you're like into green, WHAM! Everything's brushed metal green! A green anodised aluminium!

SAM LEVIN: I got one step better. A window opens up and it looks like a camera just like Snaps Pro's and you go to anything on your screen. So you've got a website. So you go to spiderman.com or whatever it is and you say 'I love that'. Click, boom: it grabs the whole colour palette or whatever it is, puts it into ShapeShifter, and of course you've got this amazing you know screen. That would be easy! Or I don't know about easy, but cool.

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