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Darren Waters: Crook or Idiot Extraordinaire?

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Ever wonder what kind of morons the BBC hire? Or better yet: where they find these morons? Or are these morons, as many people suggest, not morons at all and in fact extremely clever crooks, biting their tongues at the temptation to tell the truth and for the extra cheque at the end of the month from Mister Bill?

They're happily - blissfully - a bit of both. They don't have technical chops to match a four year old but they're told what to say and not say anyway. And some of them have been known to do a bit of ad-libbing too from time to time. Especially the 'technology editors'. Meet Darren Waters of the BBC.

What's amazing with all morons (crooks) is that they always assume everyone else is as stupid as they are. Which in the case of Darren Waters is assuredly a 99.99999999999% fatally flawed mistake.

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Unfortunately it is not true to say that 'complete' safety can be assured by abandoning Windows. Just last week Apple introduced critical security patches for its wireless airport. And any computer system is only as safe as the weakest element - most typically the user.

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Darren Waters
Technology editor
BBC News Interactive
Tel: 0208 225 9370
Mobile: 07968 692796

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