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0.6143232 Hours of Windows Bugs

Bill Gates is out shooting off his dirty mouth again.

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'Nowadays security guys break the Mac every single day. Every single day they come out with a total exploit. Your machine can be taken over totally. I dare anybody to do that once a month on a Windows machine.'

It's already been done, Bill.

  • Microsoft Windows has been in existence since December 1985 - 254 months.
  • Estimates are that there are at least 114,000 Windows viruses in the wild. That makes for an average of 448.8189 viruses per month or 14.74376 viruses per day or 0.6143232 viruses per hour.
  • Add to that the tens of thousands of trojans, spyware programs, and worldwide worms and you're up in astronomical figures.
  • Internet security researchers have of late when talking about Windows botnets repeatedly cited a figure of a quarter million new infections per twenty four hour period. That makes for 10416.67 new Windows infections per hour, 1,750,000 per week, and 9.131055e+07 new infections per year.
  • Allotting the Month of Windows Bugs thirty one days and using the overall Windows virus rate of 14.74376 per day, that makes for a full month of Windows bugs in just 2.102584 days - and that's not counting the trojans, worms, spyware, and botnet infections.
  • Researchers also cite figures of over 500 million Windows computers being infected with an average of 30 trojans per computer. Put another way, that's 500 million new infections for every day of the Month of Windows Bugs.
  • Put yet another way, there has not on an average been a single day in Windows' existence when a new bug has not surfaced and only one hour out of three when a new bug has not surfaced.

Swallow it, Bill. Take a drink of water and swallow it down. The black pill, Bill - the BLACK pill.

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