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When Heads Get Stuck

And when they won't come back out again.

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YouTube is a phenomenon. Perhaps more than any other site on the web it epitomises the concept of selflessly sharing information. YouTube was recently 'acquired' by Google - the Don't Be Evil™ people.

But evil save for in its most abstract theoretical form is always two dimensional: it's about being evil towards someone or something - often to the exclusion of consideration for others.

And that's Google to a 'G'.

Since the takeover more and more visitors to YouTube have been slapped by the following notice when visiting their favourite clips.

There's one girl at YouTube - she's in her mid teens by her own account - who's done an incredible job of documenting the history and music of a very popular music act. To say her work is incredible is to actually shortchange it. She's undoubtedly the group's biggest fan - and an incredible asset.

And one of the proprietors of this site has been in the habit of visiting one clip in particular at least once per day for the boost it gives. And but for this girl's work the group in question might to this day be totally unknown to many - and in the case of this site her work has resulted in many purchases at Amazon.

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

The video clips serve as a kind of shareware: her clips are of high quality but there is nothing like hearing the same thing on one's own sound system. SWF is simply not going to do it. This girl has boosted sales for the group in question.

There are many others who've posted clips of the same group but no one with the dedication of this girl. At last count 24 hours ago there were over 2,000 clips online. But as of today her clips - and her clips alone - are gone.

There's no lack of agreement about where the MPAA and the RIAA keep their heads. And if they keep going as they're doing now they're going to ruin everything for everybody. And then, according to the laws of market economics, they'll pay the price, learn their lesson, and 'come around'.

But that isn't good enough. For artists people respect are finding that Don't Be Evil™ bullshit rubbing off on them. For matters beyond their control they're being labeled - and regarded and castigated - the same way the MPAA and the RIAA are.

And public reaction won't wait. And the MPAA and RIAA will find their heads - already stuck in a place where the sun don't shine - won't come back out again.

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