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No Ctrl+C Except for Me

Avid thief's more like it.

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No Ctrl+C: a blog to end all blogs. The epitome - the essence - of the type of original creative work coming out of Web 2.0: people with opinions of their own willing to do research of their own.

No Ctrl+C, we congratulate you.

The blog name 'No Ctrl+C' is no accident: more than implying myopic use of You-Know-What operating system, it sets down guidelines for 'fair use' of No Ctrl+C site content.

How wonderful. How admirable. It's just that when it comes to unfair use, Mr Avid Blogger is the worst criminal of all. Most articles are word for word reprints of security articles found at other sites.

Content theft in the blogosphere is not new; greed and hypocrisy on the level of No Ctrl+C is.

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