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Sumner Redstone

It's slaughter.

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Viacom are doing a hatchet job at YouTube. Even as you read this - and it's a weekend - Viacom are toiling away with the Don't Be Evil™ people and slashing video clips left and right.

It's slaughter.

Viacom was founded in 1971. Both Viacom and CBS Corporation are controlled by the Redstone family. Current Viacom president and CEO is Philippe Dauman, a longtime associate of Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone. Dauman also sits on the board of the Redstone owned CBS Corporation.

Sumner Murray Redstone is chairman of the board and controlling shareholder of both CBS Corporation and Viacom as well as majority owner of both Midway Games and the National Amusements theatre chain.

Redstone owns over 70% of Viacom voting stock. Redstone controls both Viacom and CBS Corporation through National Amusements. His control over Midway Games is estimated at close to 90%.

Redstone is also the one who sued Howard Stern. He is currently worth $7.7 billion. And he doesn't like people posting video clips to YouTube.

Redstone is also the one who severed the contract with Tom Cruise, Paramount's #1 box office attraction. Redstone's also incurred the ire of the National Football League by purveying computer football games with gratuitous violence.

Through Viacom and CBS Corporation Redstone controls the following assets.

In radio Redstone controls the CBS Radio Network, Metro Networks, and CBS Radio with over 180 stations.

Online Redstone controls CBS Interactive, SportsLine.com, MTVi Group, Nickelodeon, BET.com, Contentville.com, Neopets, GameTrailers, iFilm, and Xfire.

In publishing Redstone controls The Free Press, MTV Books, Nickelodeon Books, Simon & Schuster, Pocket Books, Scribner, and Touchstone.

Redstone owns the following television networks: CBS, CW, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Sundance Channel, FLIX, SET Pay-Per-View, and CSTV.

Redstone currently owns 36 (thirty six) television stations.

Redstone controls the following television production and distribution companies: CBS Studios, CBS Paramount, Viacom, CBS Productions, Big Ticket Entertainment, Spelling Television, Spelling Entertainment, and King World Productions.

In Hollywood Redstone controls Paramount, MTV Films, Nickelodeon Movies, Republic Pictures, Dreamworks, Paramount Home Entertainment, CIC, and UIP.

Redstone also controls the following television networks: MTV, MTV2, the Spanish MTV Tr3s, MTV Chi, MTV Desi, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Nick GAS, Nicktoons TV, TV Land, CMT, Spike TV, VH1, Noggin/The N, BET, Comedy Central, LOGO, and MTV International (with TMF, VIVA, and Paramount Comedy).

He even owns Westinghouse and the 'Bubba Gump Shrimp Company'.

And this wizened eighty five year old geezer who has so much money he can vomit it wants to stop people posting video clips to YouTube. And he's invoking the DMCA to stop them.

And because the DMCA's such a crappy law all Redstone does is dial a number and threaten to sue. And anyone and everyone - especially the Don't Be Evil™ people - will back down right away.

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