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In a total reprise of buddy Bill's incredibly snooty and stupid letter of thirty one years ago Microsoft's CEO Steve O Ballmer - aka the 'SOB' aka 'Fat Bastard' aka 'Monkey Boy' aka 'Fat Ugly Sweaty Baboon on Crack' aka 'Eric Schmidt's Very Best Friend' - claims less than encouraging sales stats for the company's recent OS non-event are due to theft.

This is flawed logic to say the least.

  • It assumes people want that piece of crap.
  • It assumes people have the hardware to run it.

It also assumes people aren't sick of Ballmer to the point of having to continually repress the urge to vomit.

A recent survey just completed by Offline Media Inc shows people in the US would indeed accept Dick Cheney as their political leader ('president') but if and only if the only alternative were Steve O Ballmer.

Ballmer's popularity rating is lower than even that of Cheney's boss - and this amongst the few talented employees in Redmond who haven't already moved on to Google.

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