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Display Eater Pathology?

It turned out to be a mistake.
 - Reza Hussain

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There's been a lot of talk of late about a fishy app called 'Display Eater'. It's made Slashdot and the comments at Version Tracker are unequivocal. Everyone's scared the app deliberately hoses computers.

And now the author Reza Hussain is claiming it was only a scare tactic to prevent people from pirating the app.

But the app is still available for download so staff here got a copy - not to run but just to inspect. What you see below are a few pickings using Rixstep's Xstrings.

The question now is: what do we have on our hands here?

Scroll through the list and see if you find something interesting. [This is from the PPC part of the executable.]

0000000000021ad0 /ninjakiller
0000000000021ce4 /piratekiller
0000000000021e98 deleteFiles
0000000000022028 blinded by choices
000000000002203c tsts
0000000000022044 filename
0000000000022050 talktomyself
00000000000220c0 emailz0r
0000000000022684 fatty->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
00000000000226cc not saved lol
00000000000226ec /usr/bin/open
00000000000226fc FATTTTTTTTTY>>>>>>>
0000000000022824 STARTTTING
0000000000022838 STARTTTING444
0000000000022d58 !self
0000000000022d60 mmmkay
0000000000022d68 CK %d
0000000000022d70 Valid code
0000000000022d7c Does not match
0000000000022d8c http://order.kagi.com/cgi-bin/store.cgi?storeID=6FBBG&&
000000000002309c ACGBigNum
00000000000230a8 /Users/reza/Projects/DE/1.84+/display_Eater 1_27_07 CURR_VERS/ACGBigNum.m
00000000000230f4 subtraction went negative
0000000000023110 couldn't allocate new digits
00000000000239c0 /Users/reza/Projects/DE/1.84+/display_Eater 1_27_07 CURR_VERS/KagiGenericACG.m
0000000000023a10 Bad seed combo string
0000000000023a28 SUPPLIERID:%@%%E:%d%%N:%d%%H:%d%%COMBO:%@%%SDLGTH:%d%%CONSTLGTH:%d%%CONSTVAL:%@
0000000000023aa8 TH:%@,,%%BASE:%d%%BASEMAP:%@%%REGFRMT:%@
0000000000023ad4 0123456789
0000000000023aec Seed isn't the right length
0000000000023b08 Sequence number too long
0000000000023b24 Invalid scramble code
0000000000023b3c Too few math ops for scrambled seed length
0000000000023b68 Invalid math op code
0000000000023c38 come %@
0000000000023c40 false rejection %d
0000000000023da0 help me %@
0000000000023f10 RAWWWWWR---%d
0000000000023f20 so here
0000000000023f28 blame %d %d %d
0000000000023f94 SDKNLLLLLLLLLLLLL
00000000000242ac EXPORTT %d
0000000000024388 INNNNNNSIDE
0000000000024398 INNNNNNSIDE22222222
00000000000243ac INNNNNNSID66666E
0000000000024a1c test
0000000000024a28 No clearance
0000000000024a3c You do not have permission for this directory, try saving somewhere else.
0000000000024a98 ----%@----TAKEMYPHONE-
0000000000024ab0 %@/%@
0000000000024ab8 DELETABLE
0000000000024ac4 Special [K]
0000000000024ad4 BUT I FALTER
0000000000024ae4 ~/Library/Application Support/display_eater/
0000000000024b14 oh hi
0000000000024b1c You are using a pirated cd-key.
0000000000024b4c FIRSTT
0000000000024b54 swapFilename == %@
0000000000024b68 OK NOT PRESSED
0000000000024b78 /fps
0000000000024b80 fpsSwapFilename
0000000000024b90 /audio
0000000000024b98 audioSwapFilename
0000000000024bac /mouse
0000000000024bb4 mouseSwapFilename
0000000000024bc8 /imageData
0000000000024bd8 HEREMAYBE
0000000000024bf8 HEREMAYBE33
0000000000024c04 INSIDEMYHEAD %@
0000000000024c14 COUNTS %d
0000000000024c20 ---%@---%@--%@----
0000000000024c34 done
000000000002511c about
0000000000025124 about you
0000000000025130 BUFF %d
0000000000025138 afterwriote
0000000000025160 gone %d
0000000000025530 keepGoing
0000000000025554 stuck
00000000000255e0 NanoTimer
00000000000258b8 whatsThatCloser
0000000000025924 PASTMOVIE
0000000000025930 %@.mov
0000000000025938 LE NULL
00000000000259a0 here
00000000000259a8 oh boy %d
00000000000259c4 lawl
00000000000259cc comingtotearmeapart %d
0000000000025a58 TEST-%s
0000000000025a60 /Volume
0000000000025a68 NEWPATHHARDDRIVE-%s DRIVE-%s
0000000000025a88 PATH_S-%s
0000000000025a95  SPATH-%@
0000000000025aa0 NEWPATH-%s
0000000000025aac HD-%@
0000000000025f90 readKILLED
0000000000025f9c DECRAMkilled
0000000000025fac MODKiLLED
0000000000025fb8 DRAW KILled
0000000000025fc4 iwontplay
0000000000026004 everything destroyed
0000000000026198 kjay
00000000000261a0 %@%d.png
00000000000261d0 nooo context
00000000000261e0 noooo context
0000000000026214 NUUL3L
00000000000262fc %f---------%f
0000000000026968 REPPPPPPPPPPSE %d
0000000000026f7c only %@
0000000000026f84 cheated--%@
0000000000026f90 someRecording
0000000000026fa0 20 fps
0000000000026fa8 custom fps...
0000000000026fb8 Enter desired fps:
0000000000026fcc remove
0000000000026fd4  presets
0000000000026fe0 add preset
0000000000026fec Enter preset name:
0000000000027004 Enter ONLY numbers:
0000000000027018 WORKDS --%@--
0000000000027028  %@ %@
0000000000027030 onenationunderfuck %@
0000000000027434 fireproof
00000000000274e4 tomake5
00000000000274ec makemoremore
00000000000274fc %@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@
0000000000027518 allweneeded
0000000000027524 smoke %@
0000000000027530 nononono %@
000000000002753c nononono
0000000000027548 face.jpg
0000000000027554 deleted
000000000002755c CUREEEEEENT STATUS %d
00000000000275b0 smoke2332
00000000000277cc YESSSSS
00000000000277d4 drawing
00000000000277dc ENTEREd
000000000002784c YESSSSSSSYA
00000000000278e0 OMGFWTFBBQ
00000000000278ec OMGFWTFBBQxinFINITY
0000000000027ba8 tobewithyou
0000000000027bb8 tobewithyoumotion %d
0000000000027bd0 entered %d
0000000000027bdc draggged
0000000000027be8 exited %d
0000000000027bf4 WALKING DEAD %f
0000000000027dc8 withteetha %@
0000000000027e54 sonobodyfuckswithmee %f--%f
0000000000027e70 selfmutilation %@
0000000000027e90 lettesta %@
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