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Yes: it's a disease.

You have to log in to Yahoo! to send or receive mail and DVDs are often reformatted to fit your television screen and if you peel rubber out of the drive-in and the plastic lid on your coffee mug is not properly secured your hot stuff can become hot stuff. These are known facts.


You obviously need a website (or blog) of your own with which to expound your esoteric and sophisticated ideas. But as you obviously have neither... Fortunately there's a clause on the Rixstep contact page which can be of help to you!


Correspondence deemed to be abusive or of a harassing or threatening nature or merely of an extremely stupid nature is not private property and will most likely be published for the edification and entertainment of site visitors.

So check back soon - and check back often! You're about to get your fifteen nanoseconds of FAME!

'Someday your name will be in lights.'
 - CE Anderson Berry

But you chose to post bogus data without telling anyone. Why? I suspect your motives are tainted.

The reason that I believe this is that you accept no responsibility for repeating errors. Have you issued a correction? Not likely.

Also, I notice that you did not dispute my conclusions. You just shifted responsibility onto someone else's shoulders. This is not the action of someone who is intellectually honest. Thus, your bias is exposed.

Hey Louis!

It's not our math - it's theirs. We work for neither Net Applications nor Bank of America.

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