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Bill Gates & DOJ II

At last the logical explanation.

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The DOJ started a new investigation because Bill was violating the terms of the DOJ's consent decree from 1994. Also seated at the table are Scott McNealy of Sun Microsystems and Jim Barksdale of Netscape Communications Corporation and seated immediately behind is Mrs Melinda Gates formerly of the Microsoft Encarta team.

In this picture Bill is asking judge Jackson if proceedings can wait a few minutes while he goes to the bathroom.

There's been quite a lot of misunderstanding surrounding this picture. McNealy and Barksdale look very frustrated with Bill Gates and it's assumed it's because Bill Gates is a lying cheating scoundrel.

That's not true - and the trial transcripts make it evident what's really going on: they're just stymied by Gates' incessant pleas to use the bathroom.

Fair is fair and even when it comes to a lying cheating scoundrel like Bill Gates it's sometimes necessary to set the record straight.

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