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Who Tripped?

David Chartier behaving the jackass again.

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We only reported on what George Ou said. You seem to have a bone to pick with George. We suggest you take it up with him.

For the record, we've seen your reporting on Ellch/Maynor and it stinks. But we didn't write that - yet.

Before you help someone slander another's name, it might benefit everyone if you try to get in touch with said victim before blindly reprinting false information.

To keep things short: Lynn Fox never contacted me; no one from Apple has *ever* contacted me for any reason other than to tell me a warranty was about to expire on a product. Perhaps more importantly: George Ou never contacted me to even bother asking about Lynn Fox, and as far as I can tell by searching through all the records available to me, I don't think he has ever left a comment on any of my posts at TUAW or any other site I write for. And, for the record, Weblogs, Inc. bloggers (including TUAW) receive an email for every comment left on one of their posts, whether the commenter answers the verification email to set it to go live or not. I don't delete unpleasant comments - ever. Not a single one. And you only need to come to TUAW.com and search for 'Procrastinatr' to find proof of that. I *do* delete comments if someone gets genuinely rude and/or crude, such as cursing out me, TUAW or another reader, but George, to my knowledge, has never even come close to doing something like that.

There are a plethora of web-based ways to contact me, and at least a few people in this industry both you and George could have asked if you wanted a personal email address. It wouldn't have been hard.

David Chartier
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