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Marshall, Media Rights, Microsoft

It's good business.

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Sometimes it'd be good if clues could be passed out with a volume discount. Marshall, Media Rights, and Microsoft all need clues bad. Some of them might also benefit by a gentle tap from a Super Size Clue Bat™.


Welcome to Marshall Texas. It's been said Marshall Texas is the asshole of the nation although residents of Oklahoma City Oklahoma would disagree. If you happen to be in Oklahoma City Oklahoma and really really have to get to Marshall Texas in a hurry, here's how you do it.

  1. Put on your Sunday best. This includes a TIE.
  2. Place your tractor under a shelter in case it rains.
  3. Go to your trusty pickup and scoot the cat off the front seat.
  4. Get your first cousin to help you rig the battery to get the pickup to start.
  5. Drive to Airport Road and head east. [That's the direction where the sun comes up.]
  6. Watch out for the I-44 W exit to the sprawling metropolis of LAWTON and TAKE IT.
  7. As soon as you find a legal opportunity MERGE onto OK-3 E/OK-74 S.
  8. Turn on the country music station.
  9. Watch for exit 4A and take it when it's legal.
  10. MERGE onto the I-35 S towards Dallas.
  11. Put on your JR Ewing hat. YOU ARE NOW IN TEXAS.
  12. Watch out for signs for I-35E S/Dallas. TAKE A SLIGHT LEFT.
  13. Take exit 440B to merge onto I-635 E.
  14. Take exit 6B to merge onto US-80 E toward TERRELL.
  15. Watch out for signs for TX-557-SPUR E/I-20 E/Shreveport.
  16. Continue on TX-557-SPUR E.
  17. Take the exit onto I-20 E.
  18. Take exit 617 toward MARSHALL. Turn the radio down.
  19. Turn left at SE End Blvd/US-59 and ask for the COURTHOUSE.

The residents of Marshall are cleaning up: they push patent infringement lawsuits through so fast it's not funny. All them expensive lawyers and companies and such turning up and using their hotels and restaurants and petrol stations and buying them there quality laminated postcards...

It's good business - it's good for Marshall Texas.

Media Rights

Welcome to Media Rights Technologies. Media Rights are registered in California but they're probably on their way to Marshall Texas too: with their kind of business there you can't afford to stay away.

This here be Hank Risan, Bianca Soros, and Ted Fitzgerald. They're the dudes what run the Media Rights scam business.

Media Rights sell DRM technology. If people get sick and tired of DRM Media Rights go tits up.

So Hank and his cousins are now suing Apple, Adobe, Real, and Microsoft because they're not using their DRM.

Note this is not because they're not using DRM - this is because they're not using Media Rights' DRM. Which basically places Hank, Biance, and Ted in the coveted 'YOU'RE SO STUPID IT'S AWESOME!!111' category.


Not to be outdone by two bit idiots like Media Rights, Microsoft have surged forward in stupidity campaigns of their own. Microsoft's latest is declaring Linux and open source software violate a total of two hundred thirty five (235) Microsoft patents and then declaring they're not going to do anything about it.

Runners Up

Hey it's a 'free for all' - welcome to the feast. Just don't choke on the vittles. Texas MP3 Technologies, already 'close to location', are taking on Apple, Samsung, and Sandisk for stealing their ability to record and play MP3s. TMT are suing on behalf of patent 7,065,417 which covers 'an MPEG portable sound reproducing system and a method for reproducing sound data compressed using the MPEG method'.

Patent 7,065,417 is now owned by a Dallas based patent licensing agency. A company called SigmaTel sold it to them in July 2006 - they'd been 'awarded' the patent only a month earlier. TMT refuse to divulge whether they're that patent licensing company - all they're saying is they're the 'assignee of all rights' and hold 'all rights of recovery'.

They've also listed a new address in Texas in their filing. Guess where.

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