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Mary Jo Foley

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It's really incomprehensible anyone could be this stupid. But this is Mary Jo Foley so maybe an exception's in order.

Mary Jo runs 'Microsoft Watch' and is a regular contributor at eWeek. Now she's in the George Ou camp. And she's just been privy to her second Jobsnote ever. [Probably including the recurring clips at apple.com.]

The title of her article says all: 'Leopard looks like... Vista'. The article is so unbelievably dumb it's truly not going to be worth reading. So forget it.

Mary Jo goes to the head of the class: seldom in the history of human stupidity has a total moron shown such unfailing ambition to blow away the competition. Mary Jo completely redefines 'moronisation'.

But if this is the classic move of the year then the moron who posted this at digg has to come in second place. Or maybe it could be someone with brains who wanted to out Mary Jo. So hasty conclusions are not totally appropriate here.

But it's the comments at digg that make this newsworthy. Mary Jo? Computer scientists and aficionados everywhere salute you: you win by a landslide: Lamer of the Year™.

'Unless this is a joke, this is possibly the most retarded article to hit the digg frontpage.'

'Horrendously under researched and misinformed. Buried for being shit.'

'I get the feeling the blog post was a joke.'

'What a crock of a comparison.'

'Nice try Mary Jo. Now go make some PowerPoint slides. Oh nice animation. Great work.'

'Lunatic woman: do yourself a favour and research the subject you plan on writing about first.'

'It's obvious that this woman doesn't have a clue about the computer industry.'

'An editor should have stopped this embarassing piece from being published.'

'Buried. A woman wrote this article.'

'I agree. Internal plumbing renders one incapable of knowing how to use technology. They get the vapors and stuff.'

'Idiot. Click bait it is.'

'This person is a fucking idiot.'

'This article is one of the dumbest and most backward things I have read in a long time.'

'This has got to be a joke or the stupidest tech reporter alive.'

'What a stupid bitch. Really.'


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