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Safari Quotes

Culled by members of the CLIX Exchange. Erudition's on the rise.

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its in Beta... of course its not secure.... jesus
 - Willis

bludy windoze! haha thats really quite funy, you can take the safari out the os, but you cant take the flaws out the os
 - yagran

oh wah wah wah get over it, oh darn the program isn't "perfect" and who wastes their time finding insignificant insecurities like these assuming it's insignificant? hahaha...
 - TheNumberOneFan

hehehehe..Go to Windows,get the flack..
 - Peace

OMFG people..... its a BETA!!!!! Damn.... the point of having a beta is so that people can find all these holes and bugs, report back to apple, and then apple fix them. If the final version comes out and its still crappy, then b**** and moan but give me a break. I'm not taking any security complaints seriously until then. Stop making such a big deal over an unfinished product.
 - drumpat01

Maybe a less public beta would have been a good idea.
 - sososowhat

Who cares who controls which Windows machines? Come on, you're not seeing the big picture here. They're Windows machines.
 - Counter

Its Beta and its an Apple software. If it was Beta and a Windows software, everyone would probably have a different tune.
 - xli_ne

OMG OH NOES A SECURITY PROBLEM Its a beta, it's going to have bugs and issues. However, I have used the windows version and it's crap.
 - zioxide

1. Thank you for finding the bugs. Please report them to Apple to fix. 2. IT'S BETA -- STOP HAVING A HISSY FIT OVER IT.
 - mags631

Well said! Sad truth is that due to this obsession with security, those "exports" are not doing this to improve security but to gain publicity and increase their consulting fees ;)
 - tutubibi

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