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What's the Point?

Fanboys greet 10.4.11 and the sky falls again.

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For real news read the MacInTouch readers report or the Apple discussion forums.

Brilliant, I love this, obviously, this is a fake update as Apple would never make such a basic maths error.
 - 'iDeal'

And the world implodes.
 - 'Stridder44'

Remember everyone, repair your disk permissions lol
 - 'CJD2112'

I swear there was a 10.3.10. Maybe there wasn't and they just made it a "security update". I've known for awhile(years) that apple cant count and does .10 updates, I just don't know where from... maybe quiktime er smthn
 - 'JPyre'

Could anyone confirm if this fixes some problems left by the Safari 3 beta? I know some people had problems with Microsoft Messenger, but I would like to know about Adium's chat transparency...my message windows hate being solid
 - 'psychofreak'

What's the big deal about a .10 update? It's not like those are decimal points. If that were the case, the mere fact that there are two of them would've been sparking debate years ago. Why now? They're just separators, like those in an IP address. Nobody craps their pants over those. And there are EVEN MORE OF THEM!!!
 - 'zzcoop'

Should my "Universal Access" icon look like this in System Preferences?
 - 'Toadstool'

Repair your permissions.
 - 'bdkennedy1'

It still looks the same.
 - 'Toadstool'

ok great now i cant see my usb hard drive.
 - 'babyjenniferLB'

For a while there in the 90s we were all competent and intelligent. Slowly we've been de-evolving into the cavemen you see here.
 - 'Clive At Five'

i wonder how many people wont install this because they think it defies the numeral system
 - 'verniesgarden'

for some reason it said that there were only 13 comments here... needless to say I think there is more... what is going on?
 - 'Corrosive vinyl'

Someone forgot to repair their disk permissions and zap their PRAM.
 - 'GeekLawyer'

Fixed how? Fixed like I can remove the duct tape muting my speakers, fixed?
 - 'topgunn'

At least this will take care of the people who claim that the release after 10.4.9 HAS to be 10.5.0, because you can't have 10 in a decimal. =/
 - 'Bob042'

I remember that argument when WoW was at 1.9... idiots where saying that the next release had to be 2.0.
 - 'pillcounterd'

then this build of one of my class libraries should blow their minds: 2.0.2711.13692
 - '3mpire'

Those little rugrats must not have been around in the Diablo II (now at v1.10, right?) days. Aah... Diablo II. Those were the days, when games were GAMES and men were MEN.
 - 'greatblackowl'

But, I thought OS X had no bugs or security vulnerabilities! I wonder how long it'll take for the fanboys to digg me down :)
 - 'merwin' with -164 diggs

I'll digg you down just for making an asinine comment and for using the word fanboy that everyone here on digg likes to use as an insult when they have no counter-argument of any substance.
 - 'killiansman'

And I'll digg you down for not using the reply button. Now digg me down.
 - 'gutistg'

they still have not addressed the issue of the os hanging when i try to play halo 2 on my mac.
 - 'JohnnyRad'

I'm just waiting for the avalanche of Spinal Tap jokes once 10.4.11 comes out.
 - 'rampancy'

'Why not just make it 10.5?' 'Because this one goes to eleven.'
 - 'Flashman'

is this story implying that there are elements of an Apple OS that need patching? buried as inaccurate.
 - 'sekhui'

Oh yeah, and that was funny because Mac users are always saying that OS X is absolutely perfect and never has any issues. Right. Exactly. I hear Mac users talk like that all the time. We never have any issues with OS X because it's 100% perfect 100% of the time. I just thought I'd make that clear so people won't think you're some kind of bitter Apple-hater putting up a strawman argument so you can sound smug and sarcastic for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
 - 'inkswamp'

Well I never had a problem with updates either- this one killed access to my admin account and after 90 frustrating minutes with Apple tech support who had not even heard of the update we are in clean reinstall mode. This on a 4 month old Macpro quad 3G core. I guess I have now been bloodied and am probably good for dozens of future updates without problems. If that account doesn't revive I am going to be very very......unamused.
 - 'frankzeg'

my safari keeps crashing when ever I open ANY website.... anyone else having problems?
 - 'Saltor'

Three words. Archive and install. God.....such whiney pussies......
 - 'Nickdotnet'

People on the Apple discussion board are whinny pusses.
 - 'digiguy'

WTF happened to my Mac?! It slowed my Mac drastically just after updating to 10.4.10. You guys at Cupertino messed up my computer damnit! I even thought to myself i'm the only one who had the problem! So few iMac/Macbook in the product line and you did not test out my iMac Core Duo 2.0GHz if it's working alright on this update?!
 - 'chrismag1979'

Crap! I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but after installing this update, if I right-click on any part of Finder (including my desktop) Finder Refreshes.
 - 'rigogibson850'

OS X updates killed my father, and raped my mother...
 - 'clyde2801'

If it weren't for Digg I would most certainly update a month later.
 - 'PuffyWalrus'

The problem with the US is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be capital punishment for stupidity but why don't we just take the safety labels off everything and let the problem solve itself?
 - 'glomph'

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