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Website error

Raises the bar on brain-dead.

Thanks. You have a good eye! With 16 years in the business you should have!

So - you want us to call it 'Home Page' instead?


<title>Home Page</title>
<a href="mailto:ray@rayk.com">
<h1>Lame Home Page</h1>
Testing, testing, 1,2,3</a><p>
<A HREF="/$mapimage/rayk/imagemap.imagemap">
<IMG SRC="/rayk/imagemap.gif" ISMAP> </A>

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Error decoding map position arguments.

Or like this?


<TITLE>Opus One Multihome WWW Server</TITLE>
</HEAD><BODY><H1>Opus One Multihome WWW Server</H1>
Welcome to the Opus One Multihomed WWW server.  Your
WWW browser did not send an HTTP_HOST header line,
so we cannot tell which site you really wanted to
connect with.
Thank you for visiting us on the World Wide Web!

Or like this?

HTTP/1.0 302 OK, CGI redirect
Location: http://www.rayk.com/rayk/
MIME-version: 1.0
Server: OSU/3.6b;Multinet
Content-type: text/plain
Content-transfer-encoding: 8bit
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 16:38:55 GMT

Yeah we could do that. Can you help out? We need a list of ALL PAGES which have this error.


Please fix this:

When you bookmark one of your pages, such as:


the name of the bookmark ends up being your site's name. Not useful. It should be the postings name.

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