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iPhone: Anatomy of a Fiasco

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Oh it's a fiasco all right - but who's fiasco is it?

World media are picking up on a story that the AT&T/iPhone sales push was a fiasco. They only sold 270,000 units before the end of Q2 on 30 June.

[Remember the phone didn't go on sale until 18:00 29 June.]

That gave them a mere 30 hours to beef up a final Q2 balance sheet. And according to the knowledgeable pundits of the world, it be can't worse: only 270,000 units sold.

It's amazing journalists are so #1) cheap; and #2) stupid.

Not only do they steal stories from one another but they never check the facts. And their editors are happy to say the least because almost no one remembers what they published. And a headline big and glaring talking about a fiasco for AT&T and Apple is attention getting.

  • 270,000 units sold in 30 hours is 9,000 units sold per hour.
  • 9,000 units sold per hour is 150 units sold per minute.
  • 150 units sold per minute is 2.5 units sold per second.

Remember: that's only for the US. And that's for the entire 30 hour period. That's not taking into account that stores closed and people slept. And by the time you read this far in this article they've sold another one hundred units - at least.

So in other words: it's a fiasco. A fiasco of ever crappier journalism.

And it's widely known journalists have to take courses in ethics - but it's not understood why.

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Thanks to Devon at Pixel Groovy for the excellent artwork.

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