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Dvorak: The Wind Blows

As does Dvorak himself.

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One thing's certain: when the universally castigated hopelessly inept and antiquated John Dvorak comes out on the side of Apple and OS X something is very wrong. Either that or the age old tried and true technique of baiting fanboys with barbs isn't working any longer.

But like bag man Rob Enderle before him who was forced at least on a few occasions to admit the iPhone was a good product John Dvorak, still running 16-bit software on his trusty PC (and selling it to clients on commission) and proprietor of one of the most godawful websites in creation, has been forced to change tack.


Fake Steve summed it up nicely.

You know what? It scares the shit out of me. Because if this frigtard Dvorak now likes our machines I think we must have done something wrong. Honestly. This idiot has been so consistently wrong for his entire career that we use him as a contrarian indicator. Now he likes us and I'm afraid this might mean we've jumped the shark or something. Also as I've said many times there are a lot of people who we really don't want using our products. No bias or anything - they just aren't right for us. Dvorak is clearly one of them.

So we're watching this very very closely to see how it develops. With any luck they'll get JD back on his Alzheimer's medicine and he'll regain his senses and start bashing us again.

What exactly has Dvorak done? Basically he's come out of the closet: he's admitted he's running OS X. Even if he says he won't change his 'main machine'. But it's more than what he's done - much more. It's what he's said.

What exactly has Dvorak said? Basically everything. Here are some of his greatest quotes - note the brave mixture of simple reality finally breaking through to the terminally clueless with some of the dumbest observations ever caught in black on white.

I sense that OS X is more solid than Microsoft Windows but I cannot say why exactly. I suspect that the modern underpinnings of the Unix kernel have something to do with it.

As someone who does recommend gear to people I have to think to myself 'should I recommend something that will come back to haunt me or recommend a Mac with its higher price but lower hassle factor?' The answer is simple. I hate the idea of having to do customer service for people who cannot keep their systems clean, and that's most people.

I hate to say it but the PC community talks a big game when it comes to security and protection. The reality is that they'll never really get a handle on the problem as long as the PC is the never ending target of hackers. I'm certain the Mac will eventually be targeted but when? It doesn't seem like it will be anytime soon.

Yes it's a sad day for the Mac bashers.

It's both too precious for words and too precious to be believed. Most likely the octogenarian isn't getting the web traffic from the fanboys anymore. They're too busy playing with their new iPhones.

And maybe Dvorak knows the odd Chinese proverb or two. Such as 'when the wind blows bend with it'.

See John. [Bend John bend!] See John bend.

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