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I Shall Not Sleep

Microsoft are unleashing woes on the Internet again.

Everyone knows by now what 'WGA' stand for. It's one of those Orwellian technologies Bill Gates likes to unleash on the world. Bill Gates is so filthy rich but he still can't tip a waiter. This is what happens when something happens in the world of software updates.

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Phil Liu is the sucker working for Bill in this regard. He dutifully manages 'WGA'. For his meagre paycheck.

Now Phil Liu can't sleep at nights. Like every slave in Redmond Liu has a futon in his office (which he is expected to use when deadlines approach - go home to sleep and find yourself out of a job) but now he can't even use the futon.

Microsoft's horrific 'WGA' has namely crashed - leaving hundreds of millions of idiot Microsoft machines worldwide crippled and in danger of further impending doom.

The situation is further exacerbated by the fact that if the 'WGA' connection fails the computer can become virtually useless if it has to reboot.

And when's the last time anyone saw a Windows machine that wasn't crashing and rebooting all over the place?

It's not enough Windows users have to deal with Storm Worm and ecard.exe and Bill Gates' inane dismissals - now because Bill Gates is so miserly they have to lose the final ten yards as well.

Phil Liu's posted on Microsoft forums and the one word that springs to mind is 'pathetic'. Microsoft's crappy web servers - that shouldn't even be allowed on the Internet - coupled with Microsoft's other crappy technologies and Microsoft's patented way of 'Not Thinking™' make for a great gumbo.

Liu's optimistic: he thinks this will be resolved in three days. If only the world could be rid of Microsoft that fast.

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